June 2016

Midsommar celebration…the Swedish way! :)

Last week on 24th June we celebrated Midsommar. It is celebrated with family and friends and includes visiting countryside, frog dance around maypole, flower crowns, singing songs, eating traditional Swedish cuisines (ofcourse including the famous pickled herring) and most importantly enjoying light, summer and the sun that almost never sets with the dear ones. Also…it is said that by laying … Continue reading

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For everything there is a first time…

Hello to all of you! It is the first time for me to write a blog, so I take the chance to introduce mayself very shortly. My name is Anna, I am a 24 year old master student in Food Technology and Nutrition at Lund University. I am from Italy (from the very north, where I live in the Alps), … Continue reading

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An update – Summer in Lund :)

For the past two weeks, it has been such a pleasant weather in Lund. It is raining now and then with little sunshine. Not to forget about the wind!! Its really windy here and literally blows me off my bike. Its a fantastic feel to get drenched in the drizzle while walking on lonely streets ūüôā Lund is kind of … Continue reading

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My experience in Lund…

Hello, my name is Rajeshwari Yogi and I am from India. I have completed first year of the course Wireless Communications at LTH. Since this is my first post here, I thought of taking this opportunity to introduce myself and share some of my thoughts regarding the past year in Lund. Actually speaking I cannot believe it is already a … Continue reading

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And now… holidays :)

The first year of my master program has now finished in the middle of a wonderful and well-deserved summer. Lund is empty as everybody is going home or starting a summer job. For me, my next step is also a journey to my home land, Colombia, where my family expects my arrival and the long experiences that I have to … Continue reading

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Internship: Room for Art

On May 30, my internship at United Nations Development Programme in Europe and Central Asia began.¬†Two amazing and interesting weeks of work and leisure are already in the past. I’m more than happy to enjoy not only the new environment of Istanbul, but also to have chances of learning something new about¬†local culture, including art, music, food, and mentality. The … Continue reading

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Dear diary,

Hello, this is my first time writing here, so I’ll start with a short formal introduction to you, but I think you will get to know me even better over time. My name is Anton and I’ve been living in Helsingborg, Sweden, for almost 1 year now, as a native Dutch-guy. What I was thinking going here? Well, studies, off … Continue reading

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Accompanied by the greats

Cute and cozy studying room named by scientists is one of the reasons that I like to study at E-building. If you are a student major in Communication, you really should have heard her name, Hedy Lamar, mother of hopping frequency which is the foundation of modern wireless communication. Also, she is a great actress active in so many well-known movies.

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Summer plans~

As I have no plans of going back home for this summer, I planned to spend it worthwhile. Some of the options to spend summer in Lund: i) summer job ii) internship iii) volunteer lab work iv) advanced course v) summer courses in other universities vi) travel and explore. Most of my friends staying here are planning the same and … Continue reading

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