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30 June, 2016 | rajeshwariyogi

Midsommar celebration…the Swedish way! :)

Last week on 24th June we celebrated Midsommar. It is celebrated with family and friends and includes visiting countryside, frog dance around maypole, flower …
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27 June, 2016 | annatelfser

For everything there is a first time…

Hello to all of you! It is the first time for me to write a blog, so I take the chance to introduce mayself …
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21 June, 2016 | Uthra

An update – Summer in Lund :)

For the past two weeks, it has been such a pleasant weather in Lund. It is raining now and then with little sunshine. Not …
18 June, 2016 | rajeshwariyogi

My experience in Lund…

Hello, my name is Rajeshwari Yogi and I am from India. I have completed first year of the course Wireless Communications at LTH. Since …
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15 June, 2016 | andresfilipe

And now… holidays :)

The first year of my master program has now finished in the middle of a wonderful and well-deserved summer. Lund is empty as everybody …
13 June, 2016 | tatyanasarayeva

Internship: Room for Art

On May 30, my internship at United Nations Development Programme in Europe and Central Asia began. Two amazing and interesting weeks of work and leisure …
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9 June, 2016 | antonhendrix

Dear diary,

Hello, this is my first time writing here, so I'll start with a short formal introduction to you, but I think you will get …
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7 June, 2016 | qingbi

Accompanied by the greats

Cute and cozy studying room named by scientists is one of the reasons that I like to study at E-building. If you are a …
6 June, 2016 | Uthra

Summer plans~

As I have no plans of going back home for this summer, I planned to spend it worthwhile. Some of the options to spend …
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