May 2016

4 diplomas, 2 years.. Starting steps for success!

These two weeks have been a roller coaster ride with the LTH graduation, the SI graduation and all the farewell parties. I am filled with mixed emotions, as my two years of Master studies is coming to an end. All the friends that I made from different countries and all the contacts that I developed during my stay in Sweden, … Continue reading

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DRMCCA student wins

On May 26, I had a chance to participate in a workshop-competition on Brunnshög social integrity. Four teams of students presented to Lund Municipality different plans and initiatives that might improve social integrity and cohesion in the area famous for MAX IV Laboratory. I’m very happy to congratulate one of the teams, and especially one of DRMCCA students – Michelle – with … Continue reading

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SI graduation ceremony

Last Friday I attended the Graduation ceremony of SI scholarship holders in Stockholm city centre,  Which was really great, an event that ignites me to think about my journey in Sweden again , and How I was freaking to leave my beloved family to the “unknown” and far away destination,spend two years alone, with no relatives. But now looking back, … Continue reading

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Dalby Stenbrott

Today I made a bike tour to Dalby Stenbrott, an old quarry which is now a nature reserve. It is only 13 km from Lund, and simming in the lake and hiking in the forest is the perfect activity for a sunny Sunday. There are good cycle routes leading there, however it is partially really steep. Photo credit: Vladka Evelyn … Continue reading

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Hope to see you again soon

Yesterday, DRMCCA students celebrated the end of the year. We decided to organize a cozy, ‘family’, party and say thank you to the teachers. Delicious food, Pub Quiz – “Who remembers the essential lessons learnt?”, music, and lots of fun! That has been an amazing year! And we are looking forward to see each other again after summer holidays and … Continue reading

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Class of 2016, Biotechnology!

Living in Sweden as a student was an unforgettable journey which is now coming to an end. I remember the first time I met with my friends as if it was yesterday…We were 11 people from different countries with different educational backgrounds. I never would have thought that I would become such good friends with all of these people who … Continue reading

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Lunds Kommun-Lund University Challenge

On May 26, DRMCCA’s students will participate in a workshop and competition “Incorporating Social Diversity into Brunnshög” initiated and organized by Lunds Kommun and Lund University. During the workshop participants will be assigned to multi-disciplinary teams and have 3 hours to draft a proposal and presentation devoted to Brunnshög, Lund’s newest neighbourhood. We will brainstorm how to make this area a place rich in social … Continue reading

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Just give it time!

Socializing with Swedes is not as hard as I thought in the beginning. When I first got here, I felt like I was hitting a wall whenever I tried to socialize with Swedes. What did I do? I joined a student organization, and that worked out just fine! So the one tip I can give for making Swedish friends that I think is the most … Continue reading

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Internships abroad

For some Masters programmes at LTH it is possible to spend some time abroad, for example for an internship or a semester at a foreign university. The majority of the students of the disaster risk management programme (DRMCCA) take advantage of this possibility, and will be spread all over the world from autumn on. Students go for example to Kenya, … Continue reading

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Global Swede 2016 Ceremony

Hi everyone! I must say that today is one of the greatest day in my life! I was nominated by Lund University to be the Global Swede 2016 nominee and I attended the ceremony with other nominees from the universities across Sweden. The ceremony was held in a really nice building of the Swedish Department of Foreign Affairs in Stockholm. … Continue reading

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