April 2016

Career Opportunities in Sweden – Internship/Job with Startups!

Sometimes it might be difficult to get an internship/job right after finishing your degree! One of my best tips is to look for “graduate programs” where companies look for fresh graduates. However, this is quite competitive and most of the time the places are not plenty. Some other good option to my cognition is to look for internships/jobs within “startup … Continue reading

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Who said playing games can’t get you grades

Our supply chain management class, this study period, revolves around a project about.. just kidding about a game! yes a game called “the fresh connection” that simulates a close-to-reality supply chain. We are working on it within groups and each member is a department manager that has to make critical decisions that could help the company become profitable again. It is one … Continue reading

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The secret ingredient to brown sauce

The well-known Swedish meal, köttbullar med potatis mös (meatballs with mashed potatoes) brings fond memories to mind. You will find it everywhere from the student cafeterias to korridor kitchens to IKEA’s restaurant. Brunsås (brown sauce) or gravy is the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to Swedish meatballs. Don’t forget it! My Swedish friend and I cooked … Continue reading

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Tips! Used items in Lund and IKEA

Tips! If you are new to Lund and are starting from scratch, why not look into buying used furniture and other necessities? You will likely find an online community for your new student housing location that you can post items to sell and buy from. Facebook has a New and Used in Lund page that can be a great resource … Continue reading

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I have to be honest, the process of writing a master´s thesis is indeed challenging. The challenge starts with trying to find a good project that would catch your interest and would be good for your future. Among the students of International Biotechnology program I was the one who found a project the latest. And believe me, the struggle was … Continue reading

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The flags in front of E-huset

I have noticed the different national flags in front of E-building for a long time. I thought they appears randomly. Recently, I was told that those national flags mean there are phd students from these countries defending their doctoral theses. Feel proud for them!

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Ven – a must visit island

A rare sunny day gave me an opportunity to visit Ven, a beautiful island in Skåne. It is a great place to observe and enjoy nature,   the sea,wild animals living in harmony with people, and birds.   Tatiana

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Must have! Swedish style

When you arrived Sweden, don’t be surprised that you find this kind of backpack appears a lot! Its name is Kånken Fjallraven. Isn’t it amazing that a bag which is launched in 1978 but still very popular even now. Its classic design and perfect quality just win my heart. Mine is a purple one and it is always my best choice no … Continue reading

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Summer Work in Tetra Pak

As the time of graduation gets closer, the stress of uncertainty arises. Me and my friends had the same question in our minds recently: ´What to do next? ´. Just to find the answer for that, some of us were chasing after PhD positions while others were trying to find a job. I was among the ones who were looking … Continue reading

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Visit southern Skåne!

Taking a day off to explore southern Skåne is something definitely worth doing. Down to Trelleborg harbor, where many ferries depart to international waters, then following the coast road to Smygehuk, you can find the most southern point in Sweden! Continuing the road to Ystad, you pass through many small cozy villages, but drive carefully, it seems that rabbits, cats and … Continue reading

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