March 2016

Påsk Ledighet (Easter Vacation)

Over Easter Break last week I was able to spend a good amount of time in Malmö, in the neighborhood of Limhamn to be exact. Another member of the American Women’s Club of Malmö packed up and took their family to China for vacation so I was the housesitter and cat caretaker for the time being. We took the opportunity … Continue reading

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Spring in Lund!

Photo courtesy: Tuly Sarah Costa ~Mohammad Abu Mursalin Sajib

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Spring, Easter, THESIS

Spring is here now! The weather becomes very nice, sunny,  and roses bloom every where.  in addition to candy eggs of Easter. very nice feeling. I want to enjoy more, but it is time to start writing the Thesis report because I should finish on May, writing thesis is a good  experience but very time consuming! wish me and all … Continue reading

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Sweden’s natural parks

Hey! Swedish population is not large and in a huge country, this fact implies the possibility of enjoying several spaces devoted to nature. Last week, a couple of friends and me went to two natural parks. The first of them, Tiveden, is located next to the second largest lake in Sweden: Vätern, more or less between Stockholm and Gothenburg. The experience … Continue reading

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Easter Holidays

I spent my easter holidays on the Danish westcoast, which is a four hour bus ride from Copenhagen. For the end of March, the weather was surprisingly good, so we could spend time at the beach or go fishing. Coming back to Lund, there are two exams waiting for me by the end of the week, so I am really … Continue reading

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Easter time

I’m impressed who Swedes celebrate Easter. I had a feeling that it was another Christmas time. Five days of holidays helped me to revise some material and finish assignments I had kept on my desk for a long time. However, my Easter – Orthodox Easter – will be on the 1st of May. I have a chance to feel two … Continue reading

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Glad Påsk!

Glad Påsk! Happy Easter! I must say that this Easter has been really nice. Good weather, good company, good food and good candies! I was lucky to experience a traditional Swedish Easter buffet in Sofiero Slottsrestaurang. This restaurant is actually located in one of Skåne’s castles. Sofiero, which is located in Helsingborg, was one of the summer castles for the … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

Yesterday, ESN Lund organized an Egg Hunt in the city, an Easter themed event where people had to compete against each other in teams, mastering different games such as running with an Egg in a spoon or looking for carrots near the AF Castle. It turned out people were very competitive, as the winners prize was a huge egg, filled … Continue reading

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Glad Påsk!

It was sweet when I walk into my office at the company, where I am working on my Master thesis and I find this on my table. It totally made my day! I had gone to thank the person who gave this present and he said that it is a Swedish tradition, to give and share gifts during Easter, especially … Continue reading

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Life after winter

Yes, another weather post. I noticed that my weather conversations have grown exponentially since I moved to Sweden. Coincidence..don’t think so! Anyways, spring in the air and the sun is out, and I have seen more people outdoors in the past few days than in the past few months (or almost). The first picture depicts something I have never seen before. … Continue reading

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