February 2016

Lunch @ Kårhuset’s Moroten&Piskan

If you are close to LTH and don’t know where to have lunch, this is probably one of the best places to go! Kårhuset Moroten&Piskan offers lunch daily from 12 to 2, with 55kr for the student meal and 65kr for the regular meal. This month soup was also included! Let’s hope it stays that way, since its highly appreciated. 

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As my time in Lund seems to approach the end which is supposed to happen by June, I started to regret some things that I wish I have done! I wish I joined a course for Swedish but I was spending most of the time in Academics. I regret I did not exploit the chance of being in Schengen area … Continue reading

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Stockholm resan

After more than five months here in Sweden, I continue to discover some pretty cool things about Swedish society. I have recently been to Stockholm as part of a trip with one of I-guild*’s comities and I found out how Swedish companies are flexible and innovative. The companies we visited were not advised that an international student (me) was among … Continue reading

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It’s a sunny afternoon after a long time!

It has been really nice to see a sunny afternoon after a long time. I captured this nice picture from my lab where I am doing my masters thesis. Hope we will get a sunny weekend this time! ~Mohammad Abu Mursalin Sajib

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Masters Project

Time has flown by, and it is already almost the end of this amazing 2 years experience in Lund. For the last semester in the Industrial Design MA, we are supposed to develop our Master Project. It’s a bit similar to a master thesis, except it isn’t as strict when it comes to the written report (even though we are supposed … Continue reading

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Join a Student Associatation in Lund

One of the most rewarding things I did during my time in Lund was getting involved in the student life. I found it was an amazing way to meet new people, create new experiences and try new things. It was something I had never experienced in my bachelor degree as getting involved was not something people really did. It was … Continue reading

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During my time in Lund I was lucky enough to travel all over Europe (and even parts of Asia). It was one of the factors that made my time in Lund so memorable. Many of the trips I did were with groups of people I had met at Lund. Some of the places I managed to go included: St. Petersberg, … Continue reading

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Study at Komvux

Hey All, Take the opportunity if you will stay longer for than one year (in which case you will receive a Swedish person number including the benefits of full health care and access to Swedish services such as the language classes) to gain an understanding (if only the basics!) of the Swedish language. One of the best ways to feel … Continue reading

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Our Receiver CHIP

  If you can see the red highlighted part in this board, it is 1mm*1mm LTE reciever chip, we spent 4 months to design it. it is  very very expensive to fabricate and manufacture the design,  yet,  our department paid a lot to fabricate our work,  and we got 30  chip samples. really great feeling, we designed the board as … Continue reading

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At the company office

The last couple of weeks the two Swedish girls and I who are working on a Master’s thesis for Sydvatten AB were able to hang out at the main office for the company in Malmö. We had a taste of what it will be like to work at such a company. Not everyone is able to find a business to … Continue reading

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