January 2016

Ideon Science Park

Right next to campus there is a large science center called Ideon Science Park. Not only is it a place where great research comes out of, a lot of companies have smaller satellite offices there where its easy to find an internship, thesis work or a summer job. It is growing too! It has a great innovation center and a … Continue reading

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Me and my partner just started working on our thesis…we love our thesis but sometimes ..there is a serious need for breaks and I like to look back at things that I have done the last couple of weeks to get some new energy. So I wanted to share with you what I did in 2015, and what I did … Continue reading

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Mini Project – interesting..!

I have chosen only one course this study period which has evening lectures roughly twice a week..! Interesting right! I will be free and would have a lot of spare time. When I thought of spending it worthwhile, I approached a PostDoc and asked her if I could do a mini – project sort of work with her for two … Continue reading

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Adventure of master thesis project in Malmö starts!

Wow! What a crazy beginning to 2016 ! Right after finalizing my advanced couse, I started working at Sjölunda wastewater treatment plant in Malmö. Travelling everyday isn’t that bad especially when you get the option to go to a bigger city as Malmö is. Finally, I feel that contacting companies was worth effort. I really like my project. It is a … Continue reading

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Writing A Thesis

What is interesting about writing a Masters Thesis here compared to back home in the US is that the thesis you write and where you do it is completely up to you. When I think of writing a thesis in the US, I assume the project has been planned for a year before the project start, you would work under … Continue reading

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Industrial Design Presentations

As I’ve already mentioned here before, one of my favorite things about being a designer is the lack of exams – we finish every class through presentations. Even though they are not easy – you have to be pretty confident to present all your projects in several different stages of the process in front of the entire class and teachers and … Continue reading

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This is Sparta!~

Welcome to Sparta, one of the University’s student accommodation with ICA in 2 minutes walk and LTH in 5 minutes walk. Especially if you are an electric or computer engineer, Sparta is your best choice!~

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Enjoyable exams !!

Breathing a sigh of relief, after finishing the ever last exam in my Masters’,  I still remember my first exam, and how I was surprised on an exam of 5 hours, having used to a maximum of 3 hours of exam. I used to worry about the knowledge and  timing  as well. but I really admired the  idea of this … Continue reading

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Late study nights at LTH

The picture below is the hallway one of our buildings at the school of engineering, taken at 9pm during exam period last week. One of the good things here at LTH is that you have plenty of study spaces that stay open 24/7 (accessible with your student access card). I sometimes get bored from studying at home so I come to school and work … Continue reading

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Advantages of living in a dorm

I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of a dorm as an accommodation, but there are some obvious advantages of choosing the dorm as a place to live for two years. You will meet a lot of new people, and probably studying other programmes. You will practice your communication and negotiation skills in order to make your life safe and pleasant … Continue reading

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