December 2015

It was nice to celebrate Chirstmas Eve here in Lund

It was really surprising to receive an invitation to celebrate Christmas Eve with other international students here in Lund. This gave me the opportunity to meet lots of people and got to know the way they celebrate Christmas. I had a lot of fun, tasty foods, new friends and some nice memories to take with.  🙂 ~ Mohammad Abu Mursalin Sajib  

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Celebrating X-mas in style “a water approach!!!!!!!”

It was so nice to have Santa visiting the water resources master students this Christmas. #sparta39H# One can never have enough socks,” said Dumbledore. “Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn’t get a single pair. But am glad I came to Lund and here I met wonderful comrades with whom we have dreams to make an impact on … Continue reading

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An alternative holiday

This year, instead of going back home for Christmas, I decided to stay in Lund to spend some time with my babies a.k.a EGSB reactors. I know it sounds nerdy but I am actually enjoying spending time in laboratory while everyone is away for holiday. I have started working for this bio-gas project in early November when I chose to … Continue reading

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The Swedish Christmas

Even though I’ve been in Sweden for 15 months, this year was my first time experiencing the Swedish Christmas.  And I was not disappointed! The first different aspect I notice was the time of the celebration – it was a late lunch (for me, but I’m sure Swedes refer to it as an early dinner ;). So we arrived at my … Continue reading

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What I Didn’t Realize About my Program Before Arriving.

Coming from the United States, undergraduate courses (bachelor level) are separate from graduate level course (master’s level). Usually the only people who are able to take graduate level courses are people who are at the senior level in their studies. Part of me assumed my class would be made up of only those who were admitted into my program. Not … Continue reading

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Being active in LTH

As a student in LTH, you have a variety of organizations which are part the student union that you can be part of and volunteer with. I joined this semester an non-profit student organization, called BEST (board of european students of technology) that operate in almost all countries in Europe. You can travel all over Europe for cheap and attend different events and … Continue reading

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Don’t feel too bad if you cannot go back home on Christmas vacation!

“Are you going home?”, “When you are going back home?”, “Did you book your ticket?”… You will hear this type of questions several times in December. Definitely this type of questions and your friend’s excitement of going home will make you feel nostalgic. Don’t feel too bad if you are living far away from home and cannot make a visit on this … Continue reading

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Spending Christmas in Sweden? Hm.. Not so bad!

After 1,5 years in Sweden, this will be my first Christmas to celebrate in Sweden. Swedish people are really into the Christmas celebration, Christmas lights were up since November, pretty enthusiastic, right? In their families, they exchange Christmas wishlists, so it is much easier to buy gifts! I have wished for a toaster or a sandwich maker this year, let’s see … Continue reading

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Den Svenska Björnstammen

I wanted to share with you all one of my favorite artists, den svenska björnstammen (the swedish bear population). They are catchy, clear and somewhat melancholy. Typiskt svensk skulle jag säga. The new album they released this year has several good songs (låtar)  including the one in the video here förlåta eller svika (forgive or dissapoint, as my best translation). … Continue reading

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Some thougths before my departure

Having spent in Sweden 4 months and almost packed my luggage, I am trying to figure out what kind of memories or experience gained here I would take to my hometown? First of all, November and December have been quite ok so far. One said several months ago that November would be a disaster in terms of weather, but I … Continue reading

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