November 2015

My First Day at Ericsson

I am feeling very excited and looking forward to start my thesis work in Ericsson tomorrow, The well known Swedish company. My dream!…. It will definitely add to my experience a lot. and yes, Embedded electronics people here in Lund have high chance to do their thesis work in pioneer companies in this domain.   like Axis , Sony , … Continue reading

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Group Work

Group work plays quite an important role at Lund University. Tomorrow is the deadline for the first draft of the group project of the Capacity Development Course for DRMCCA students. After a long day, we just uploaded our project proposal for awareness raising in Swaziland! Malte Plewa

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How is it to be a vegetarian in Sweden?

Being a vegetarian since I was born, I was wondering what I would do, if I had to go to a foreign land, where the major source of protein is Fish and meat. My most important concern when I left my country was, what am I going to eat? How am I going to survive in the country, where they have … Continue reading

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Snow in Skåne

Despite what many may think, it does not really snow that often here in southern Sweden. I had the impression that there would be months on months where there would be snow on the ground. I thought that I would have to put on five layers of sweaters to make the walk to campus. But in reality Lund is not … Continue reading

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Sweden at a first glance

by Juliana de Filippis It’s been more than a year now in Sweden, but I can still remember the first day as if it was yesterday. As I stepped into my very first Swedish home, the immediate thing I could sense was this fantastic smell of candy. Candies are a big thing here, and I was staying with a family … Continue reading

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Jag talar lite Svenska!!!

I’ve just arrived from my Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) course and I can proudly speak my first words in Swedish. Believe or not, if you are a master student for more than one year, the Swedish government offers free courses to learn Swedish. It’s a great opportunity to learn a new language and to be closer to Swedish society at the … Continue reading

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Colors of autumn

As a person from a country where the sun rises and sets at the same time everyday, seasons are a totally new experience for me. Meanwhile the classes start again, I would like to post two beautiful pictures of Lund where the yellow autumn is the main protagonist. When clouds are gone and allow the sun to appear, the result may … Continue reading

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