October 2015

The exam…

Five hours in front of a set of sheets, a giant clock announcing the constant passing of time and a crowded room in absolute silence. That was my experience in my first exam in Sweden. When I arrived, I was surprised by the fact that just one exam covers an entire course and despite I still don’t understand why this is … Continue reading

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Exams are coming

Hello everyone You may be wondering why I haven’t written since two weeks ago. Well, exams are responsible of my absence. Swedish academic stile is different from what I was used to in Colombia. Here courses are just a half semester long, there is only one examination of the entire subject and you can only take up to three courses … Continue reading

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Kanelbullens Dag!

When I received an e-mail from the International Desk Office about the day of the cinnamon roll, I never imagined the magnitude of this day for Swedes. In addition to finding the fascinating smell of cinnamon in almost each bakery and supermarket, October 4th means one of the most sweetest day in Sweden.  And it’s sweet not only due to the cinnamon and … Continue reading

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Malmö FF vs Real Madrid :)

Hello again! What about a night with tacos and football? Well, last Wednesday Malmö FF received Real Madrid, which turned out to be a perfect opportunity to share tacos with my neighbors. Despite playing a smart game, Malmö lost 2-0, meanwhile we won a very good time together. The student life in Lund is exciting and you will always find a … Continue reading

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