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This is my final post as the wireless communications program ambassador, I would like to thank the international office who was always there for us, I won’t be too long. I have defended my thesis, after 5 months of work it was a great pleasure to finish and enjoy the Swedish summer.

I want to say for all newly admitted students to not stress yourself from the start about finding a job after graduation, for now just study and try to create a good professional and friendly networks by going to various events. The market in Sweden is always in need of technology builders and you can be one of them. A lot of students from our batch has secured jobs before even receiving our certificates. So, stay calm and live the moment. Wish you all the best with your journeys.

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So as my time here as a master student and as an ambassador has come to an end. These two years have been an awesome experience, I have met so many great people (some of which are here to stay), had visited many places, learned so many new things, gained so much experience!

The graduation ceremony and dinner were very nicely organised, we got to see each other before some people left Sweden and since my parents came to the ceremony as well, we got to celebrate together in Sweden.

I wish you good luck and all the best!

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Farewell from the DRMCCA Ambassador

My time as the Student Ambassador of the Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation (DRMCCA) master’s programme has come to an end. I have enjoyed this role so much and I cannot deny I feel a little sad as it is ending now. My two-year master’s studies at the Faculty of Engineering, or LTH as we usually refer to our faculty, have been exceptional and transformative both at an academic but also on the personal level. I believe I would need tens of blog posts to write about every single experience or emotion I have felt during this period.

Given that this is my last post, I would like to say goodbye to all the readers of the blog and share few pieces of advice with the new students:

  • Make the most out of your time in Lund and in Sweden. Two years seem like a long time but in Lund time flies between hectic university schedules and the endless number of activities going on around the city.
  • Work and study hard but also make time for exercise and extracurricular activities you could enjoy.
  • Invest time and energy in friendships. Your student life will be more meaningful with dear friends to share fun times as well as stressful days.
  • Try to study the Swedish language and learn about Sweden as much as you can. It will be easier for you to feel at home.
  • Enjoy your student experience and at the same time be mindful to make good contacts for future opportunities.

I wish to all the new students a wonderful and rewarding experience ahead and I hope to meet some of you in Sweden or anywhere in the world.

All the best,

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Officially An Engineer

Hi guys,

This is Lais, you’re soon to be former EEE ambassador.

I would like to say this was an awesome experience and that it gave me the opportunity to meet some pretty great people!

Now, about graduation… You can expect a very nice ceremony, followed by some snacks and drinks and a fancy dinner.

Below you can find a mix of pictures, ranging from the entrance, to the diploma hand out, a picture of some of the ambassadors…

My parents came all the way from Brazil and they couldn’t be happier about the ceremony. The orchestra played a couple of times, we had speeches and a lot of pictures taken. All in all, a proper graduation. Closing this chapter to start off a new one.

Good luck to those that want to follow our footsteps.

Best wishes,


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Reflections: SUDes Ambassadorship, China & a Life in Lund

This gallery contains 64 photos.

Hey hey! After a little over a year of being SUDes Ambassador, this will be my last post, and I will use it to FINALLY post that China gallery I’ve been promising on every post, and reflect upon my time here. Buckle up, it’s a long one, but I promise it’ll be worth it! 

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Master’s Thesis Defense

After five months of working intensively, we finally submitted our master’s thesis and more recently we presented our work in the thesis defense seminar. The master’s thesis, or the degree project as it is otherwise called, is undoubtedly one of the defining elements of the whole master’s programme. I have felt that this last semester dedicated to the thesis was also an opportunity for us to make use of the knowledge we have been exposed to and the skills we have gained during the past semesters, preceding the thesis project. Our master’s programme in Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation is interdisciplinary and through a variety of courses, we have learned about many different aspects of our field of study, creating a comprehensive understanding of many processes and components of disaster risk management and climate change adaptation. However, the master’s thesis requires students to focus on a specific topic and as we learned during the process, a specific and narrow research aim can be more effective.

I was fascinated by the many interesting topics my classmates explored for the thesis project. Personally, I am particularly interested in international development and in capacity development processes employed for disaster risk reduction. Therefore, I decided to write my thesis about ‘Theory of Change’ which is an approach used for carrying out more effective development initiatives in the context of the increased complexity and uncertainty. These past months have been quite demanding, especially as the deadlines were approaching and the pressure was increasing. However, now that the process is complete, I have a good feeling of accomplishment. At the same time, I feel confident in the work that I have done since I have read extensively about my topic, I have looked at it critically and finally have put in the paper all the reflections and analysis – it is a demanding process.

The master’s thesis has been important for me and any other student. I could go on and on talking tirelessly about the process and the product. However, I would like to be succinct and share with you one of my favorite sections of the thesis: the acknowledgments. Perhaps the most heartfelt section there is 😀

Talk to you soon,

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Tjena from your embedded electronics engineering course ambassador

Hello everyone, I would like to congratulate everyone who would be joining us this autumn and wish you all the best for your wonderful master’s journey ahead of you. I will try and make your life here much easier by answering questions about student life and course-related queries through the blog and the emails.
For any queries and a more direct contact you can mail me at:
Hope to see you all here, have a great time.
Until the next blog.

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My first post! Preparing to arrive

¡Hola! Here is Manuel writing my first post for you, leaving the previously written introduction aside.

At this stage of the year you probably are at home and really excited about the idea of coming to Lund in a few months. For some of you it might be a very pleasant experience because you are already used to go out of your comfort zone, or maybe a bit overwhelming since you go to a country and don’t know anyone, don’t know the language, don’t know what to expect from your studies, etc. When I was in your situation I couldn’t stop thinking about going to Sweden and everyday I was searching for information and relentlessly looking for accomodation (which I hope you already have sorted out or about to). And with that in mind I am writing this post.

If you already have accomodation, it is time to think about what comes next! Since I would have loved if someone told me this before, I am going to do it right now for you. This is a list of useful tips before coming to Lund:

  1. Don’t worry about making new friends fast. You will meet plenty of people with the same problem as you and it is very easy to get along. Sooner or later you will find friendships. In this kind of cities, if you don’t want to be alone you won’t be!
  2. Try to hang out with internationals and/or Swedes! It is very easy to gather with the people from the same country as you, since you share common values and culture. But I thoroughly recommend you to get to know international students and Swedes (even though these ones are quite tricky sometimes). You would have friends from all over the globe, maybe practise a new language and develop your English and interpersonal skills much better than with your fellow countrymen.
  3. GET A BIKE from minute 1 in Lund. Although prices might be inflated during the first days in Lund, there are options to get a cheap bargain at the local bicycle auction (shortly after Arrival Day) and Facebook buy/sell stuff groups.
  4. And finally use Skånetrafiken app to move around Skåne. The app is in Swedish, but it is very easy to use once you use Google Translate or get a Swede to translate for you during the setup. You can buy tickets for buses and trains within Skåne and to Copenhagen. For those commuters you can get a monthly card or 24h tickets (these last ones are especially useful for one-day visits, since you get to use all public transportation within the selected area buying only one ticket that lasts 24h for low price). And they also make student discount!

I could give you many more advices, but you probably already know about them or can read them in the university information brochures. Hope you found useful my advices.

Vi ses


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Greetings from your Biotech ambassador!

Tjena! My name is Manuel and I am the programme ambassador for the Master’s programme in Biotechnology at LTH. I will be posting information all academic year long about many, diverse topics related to student life at Lund and this programme.

As this is my first post, I would like to shortly tell how I ended up in Lund. I studied a Bachelor’s programme in Biochemistry at the University of Seville in Andalusia, southern Spain. After 4 years in warm, sunny Spain, I thought that before I finished the Bachelor I had to go abroad and step up my university experience by getting to know new cultures and learning new things that would be extremely valuable for my future. That’s why I looked for Master programmes in Biotechnology across Europe and finally decided for Lund since it was really convincing and extremely appealing.

After 9 months in Sweden, I’d say that this was the right choice. All the many people I’ve met, all the places I’ve seen and all the things I’ve learnt have been completely worth it so far. The moment you decide to go out of your comfort zone and study abroad is a huge leap in everyone’s life and it is something that I strongly recommend to all of you! If you are reading this blog probably you are interested in studying in Lund, therefore I’d keep on writing about the experience so far right now. Nevertheless, I will reserve that for the regular upcoming blog posts 😉 I really hope you all find inspiration and motivation with them!

PS. I will also answer questions related to my programme itself (student life, course content, etc.) if I receive any emails to the ambassador email right here (Note that I don’t answer questions related to administrative procedures) :


Looking forward to writing to you

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Water Resource Engineers!! Hello

“But water management is not only about solving problems, it is also about creating opportunities” (RSA 2002)

This quote has carried me through from my application process to this moment of introducing myself as the programme ambassador. As I reflect,  I realise how true the quote is- not only for me but for the many people around the world, including you. There are countless resources that connect all human beings in different ways but across cultures, race and beliefs, water unites us all.

My name is Tshepiso Lehutjo, born and raised in South Africa. It is my pleasure to be the programme ambassador. The journey in Lund is not short of challenges, new experiences and countless culture shocks- feel free to contact me if you are coming to Lund or considering it. As a passionate student, the master’s programme at Lund has absolutely met my expectations.

The summer break has started and I have found myself pursuing ventures that I never thought were possible, all thanks to the opportunities offered by Lund University. I am excited and looking forward to the outcome.

Follow my blog and join me as we explore Sweden, Lund, Water and everything in between.


A picture I took during the introductory field trip


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