Thesis Fuss

It’s been a long time since I posted last time, but today is a special day! Not only the spring semester started, but also some of my classmates and I finally handed our thesis registration forms to the international students’ coordinator. Why would a formality become such a big deal? The thing is, the paper shows that, first, the student has made up his mind on the theme, second, the theme was approved by the examiner, and, finally, the student has found a suitable tutor and this was agreed with the examiner as well… So it means a lot of decision making, communication, and searches to initiate the thesis work.

To be honest, I was having a lot of doubts and felt a bit lost, even though I had come up with the idea for my diploma soon after the first semester started. What really helped me was the meetings and talks I had with teachers at school. And of course, it’s a good idea to hang out with friends, who are in the same boat… but not too much, because time runs so fast 🙂

I will keep you informed about the workflow and key points of my thesis project and write more about Lund.

Good luck to everyone!

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Projects everywhere

Right now it feels like that there are projects everywhere. Last friday in the morning there was a final presentation of the food project course, where business partners from the industry where invited and you had the chance to change information during a little fika break.

Then one hour later I had a meeting with some people from TetraPak to plan roughly my Master’s thesis. So I knew that I will have enough to do for the next 20 weeks.

But still today I have to finish another final presentation for the Advanced Course. Fortunately I have written the report already. So it will be mostly a copy and paste work.

Although it sounds like a lot of work, I love projects because it gives me the feeling that I create something and you get real results whereas studying for an exam just gives you a grade.

Now I have to add some more slildes….


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Learning Swedish

Swedes speak English very good, which encourages people not to learn their language, Plus, they are too nice and usually don’t force foreigners to learn it.
However, there is nothing better than learning the country’s language, one might see the whole land in a different way, that’s what I am working on right now, which is not that easy.
Therefore, after a lot of tools and apps, I highly recommend using SVT “Språkplay” app, available on apple and play stores. The great thing about this app that it offers different (Sveriges Television AB) TV series and programs to watch online with Swedish scripts displayed while the show is on, so one can hear and read at the same time. Plus, the app will pause during some time periods to test the user knowledge regarding new words in the show, and will save all the words the user learns. And the best thing is that all genres can be found (Comedy, news, Drama….etc).

Lycka till…..

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Student Association Fair

Hey guys,

This Thursday, January 11th, this term Student Association Fair will be held at AF Borgen at 14h. There will be representatives of sport clubs, student nations and unions and some other active organizations in Lund.

Don’t miss out on seeing what else is out there. If it is either to keep an ongoing activity or discovering a new one, you will most definitely make a lot of friends by joining one of these groups.

I was recruited last year for the rowing club and this year I will be there recruiting you!

Hope you can make it,


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How is the weather up there?

Hi everyone!

Well, the weather in Sweden, in my opinion, it’s not always that bad, but it definitely depends on where you come from and in which part of Sweden you are. It is quite sunny in the summer and the days are very long and bright. However, winter is a different story.

In the south, in the Skåne (Scania) area, where Lund is, snow falls quite rarely and even if it does, it melts pretty fast. And I think I can say that there are winds during the whole year. The day gets pretty short and there is less and less sun. It rains and it is cloudy and many people might get depressed.

To survive the winter I usually try to go out as much as possible and talk to many people and try to do different things. I also try to go to the gym often, it really helps to boost your mood. Of course, it is very recommended to take vitamin D and it’s a must for me as well. What I really like during this period is that, to brighten the mood, people are used to lighting up candles or lights in their homes, also in the cafes and all around. It is very cosy just sitting there reading a book or talking with your friends and drinking tea or a hot cup of coffee. The Christmas holidays are also in this season so it makes things a little bit better with all the decorations and lights and people are more cheerful. It’s not so bad after all!

Take care,


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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! Best wishes for a healthy, happy, and successful 2018!

During the upcoming days and weeks, prospective students will submit their applications for master studies at Lund University. I want to take this chance to encourage you to prepare and send out your applications. This time of the year (two years ago) I was working with my application for the master’s programme in Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation. Today, together with my classmates, we have reached so far in our studies. Words are not enough to share what a fulfilling experience it has been, both academically and at a personal level.

Good luck with the applications!

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Christmas Break

Fortunately for me, Germany is not too far away, so I spent a few days home with my family and old good friends but at the same time I miss the awesome people from Lund. So I decided to celebrate at least new year’s eve in Copenhagen because it was just amazing last year.

But first I have to buy a few souvenirs for my friends. I realized that Germany is apparently the only country on earth where sweet popcorn is the standard. I didn’t find any shop in Sweden where you can buy it. So I am going to shop tons of sweet popcorn for the microwave before I am flying back.

Happy new year to everyone,


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How do I feel about studying Industrial Design in Lund

A lot of people asked me about how do I feel studying Industrial Design in Lund. The answer changed as time passed by.

At the beginning everything is fresh. I was quite excited and curious to everything and everyone in the first semester. It took some time to get used to new language, new culture, also new school system. Though I made some mistakes in understanding our tasks, I think the beginning was quite easy.

Then I got a bit tired of talking in English trying to make myself understood. I missed home a lot when I saw my friends made jokes on each other in Chinese. Speaking English is too formal for me. I guess it’s common among Asian students. When we learnt English from school, we only learnt how to speak properly. In school, the small courses were a bit like repeating of what I have learnt in my bachelor. Also, in my main project, I spent a lot of time on my prototypes but I didn’t really learn much out of it, which made me a bit sad and disappointed.

When it came to the third semester, everything became very challenging. I knew little about design management and the brands we were working with, therefore I spent some extra time in understanding everything. With very little knowledge about space, I had to read a lot for my star design project. After that, I got into a tough design process for that project because it was too hard to evaluate whatever I designed. Finally in the research course, I struggled a long time to find a proper topic and now I am still in pain writing essays and my final report. I guess I will get my worst results in this semester, but I learnt the most and like this semester the most.

Now I have to go back to my report writing. Happy Christmas and happy new year to everyone J

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Christmas time

Hello people,

One of the advantages of being in Lund is that you’re only 1h train ride  away from Copenhagen, where you can enjoy some “big city” events.

Throughout December, there are many Christmas markets to be enjoyed. Not only a sight to sore eyes but also some typical and tasty food can be found.  Definitely a trip worth taking.

Talk to you soon.


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A well-deserved break

The holiday season has started here in Sweden so there are no more activities at the faculty. A well-deserved break! 😊 People use this time differently. Many people go home to celebrate the holidays with their loved ones and some people go travelling during this period. Some students also stay in Lund and experience how Christmas and New Year’s are celebrated here in Sweden. If you are staying, don’t worry, there are plenty of things you can do! Visit the Christmas market in the city centre, join events organised by the International Office, hang out with friends or travel somewhere around in Skåne.

Another thing you can try is ice skating. I went last week to the Ishall where they have this indoor skating rink and I had a lot of fun! You can bring your own skates or rent there and If you haven’t tried skating before, don’t worry, there are many beginners there and this is your chance to learn. Just bring a friend (or not) and have fun!

Happy holidays season and have a wonderful winter!


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