In the Middle of the Thesis

This week diploma thesis students from MARK and SUDes had a mid – crit. It had quite an informal, character and the idea was to show work in progress to get a feedback from the examiner. For me, it was right on time since I had been at a point where I had to decide which way to go and I think I was gently pushed to the right one. I say gently, because in this school (I can’t say for entire Sweden) it is very uncommon for teachers to impose their views on students it’s more like they just make sure you have enough arguments for whatever idea you propose.

Apart from the thesis project, the mid – crit was a great opportunity to see a lot of my classmates at one time. This is what always gives me inspiration and energy to continue my work!

Good luck


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Spring Vibes

Hi Everyone

So according to the calender, Spring is only few days away. But oh no, Weather does not follow any calender of course. The last days, it has been snowing alot actually. But that of course, did not kill the spring spirit we are all having. The streets are docoreted with beautiful colourful feathers which are a symbol for the Spring,  the clothes stores now are all bombarded by the flowery prints. Today, some flowers were captured blossoming  in Botonical garden.

Hope it will last.

Enjoy !


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Writing my thesis

Hey everyone!

I have finished all my exams and since the end of January, I have started working on my thesis project. It is an interesting feeling, you are happy you are almost at the end of your studies, but on the other hand, it’s a bit bitter-sweet since you are also at the end of a lovely period of your life and preparing for whatever comes next.

It is a bit stressful I must say, choosing where you want to do your thesis, the topic, the supervisor… But to spend this period of time working on a project that finalises your master studies as calm and sane as possible, you need to prepare yourself. My advice would be to start looking for a topic rather early if you have a specific division or area in mind for where you want to do it. If you don’t know yet, just talk to different people and attend some of the fairs organised, it might help you make a decision. When you start, be organised and make a time plan with deadlines, but keep it real. Keep in mind that things will not always go your way and that is okay. Don’t stress too much and don’t forget to take care of your health. Start writing your thesis early because as time goes by, you may forget some of the things you already did.  And most importantly balance your time, don’t forget to enjoy yourself, have fika regularly 🙂 and hang out with friends and your classmates since you might go your separate ways.

Take care,


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Skissernas Night!

Hey hey!

Last night (Friday) in Lund was Skissernas Night! “What is that??” you ask? It is a night of workshops, live music, food, drinks, and general cultural engagement that is free to enter and enjoy at Skissernas Museum, the university’s Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art situated across the grass from the main university library, that happens usually three times a year. It was very busy with people of all nationalities and ages, and was also somehow the first time I’d ever set foot in the building. The building itself is gorgeous and was presented by the architects at the 2017 SUDes Conference. It is free entry all the time for students anyway, and I would recommend a visit.

Skissernas Museum internal courtyard and mirrored roof.

I went with a couple of friends and was not disappointed. The main spaces and design of the building are amazing, the food was great, and the entertainment was excellent. I didn’t spend so much time around the exhibits, but I can of course always go back during the day when it is probably quieter. My favourite act of the night was Maher Cissoko (who can be found in places where you’d usually find music), a Senegalese musician who specialises in playing the kora – a West African stringed instrument that sort of looks like the beautiful lovechild of a lute and a harp. The sound created and the foyer space that worked its acoustic magic on the composition created an awe-inspiring ambience and was something I hadn’t heard before and immediately fell in love with.

Maher Cissoko performing in the foyer.

In short, an evening of cultural escape and beautiful music was exactly what I needed after a long, hard week of thesis work. Now onto Tuesday’s mid-crit!

Joe x

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There’s always something going on: Human Rights Film Festival

When considering Lund as your future place to study, you might wonder whether this is the right place for you. It might occur to you that Lund is quite a small town and that it at some point could become boring. But it does not. If you keep your eyes and ears open, you can find out that there is something going on – every single day, there is a lot of events offered all over the town – and there’s plenty more things to do in Malmö and Copenhagen.

Right now, the Human Rights Film Festival takes place in Lund. Many different movies connected to the topic are shown and discussed thereafter. If you are around, check it out! Maybe we will run into each other tomorrow.

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World’s top 20

Some people say that the world universities ranking is rigged, since American universities always occupy the forefront. However, I believe that they contribute a lot to the scientific community, at least that’s what I observe in my domain, through the academic journals and research they always produce.

Nonetheless, all that matters to me is seeing Lund university ranks the 20th in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering academic ranking of world universities. And I think this is well deserved, especially due to the active role the EIT department is playing in research field, and most importantly, due to the MAX IV and ESS (European Spallation Source) research facilities (check the link below for more details about the mentioned facilities).

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Early Reunion

At this time, in the second year of master program, most students are working on their theses either in a company or at the university. I remember when we were looking forward for this moment and chatting about rumors we heard from senior students, about big name companies if they are offering thesis and what are the topics. And now, thankfully most of students have found some great opportunities in various companies or at the university, inside or outside Lund.

However, this had a disadvantage that we never thought of, which is, there are no more classes, no more hanging out and sharing the same pressure and fun with our classmates. With everyone busy we had to make a voting regarding the place and time to arrange an early reunion, because we thought we really needed one, even with that some people could not make it.

The reunion was great and encouraged me to write this post for one reason, to tell first year students to enjoy every moment with their colleagues, because you become close friends really quick but you will only spend few time together. In other words just “Enjoy”

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Around Lund: Ven

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While my thesis writing is still going on, the weather outside is constantly changing – but it is most often cold and not at all comfortable. But thinking of the warm days we had during the past one and a half years helps. I want to share those memories by making one of my earliest visits around here the topic … Continue reading

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Going out for dinner in Lund

Cooking and visiting student nations is fun but when you want to celebrate something sepcial or just want to enjoy really good food you have to go to restaurant.

Unfortunately, there is no place in Lund which is very good and cheap so you have to spend at least 120 SEK for a better meal. And don’t forget that only one beer will be around 60 SEK on the top. Anyway, the good thing is that you usually get a high extra portion of quality for the extra cost.

I have been to an Italian pasta restaurant with my friends last weekend.
To be fair, it was not our first choice because it turned out that on Saturdays almost all restaurants are booked out. So we hopped from one place to another until we finally could settle down there.

Everyone was happy about the authentic Italian food (which is not always the case in the cheaper pizza stores) and good wine. So I can really recommend to skip the usual Fast Food places a couple of times and instead spend the money for one real food!



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Around Lund: Limhamns Kalkbrott

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Today I can recommend yet another great spot around Lund: Limhamns Kalkbrott – the chalk quarry in Malmö’s Limhamn area. I have been there some weeks ago and it is worth a visit! Unfortunately, you can only enter the fenced area during the guided tours which you can register for free at Gatukontoret Malmö. What to expect: A guided tour … Continue reading

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