Easter in Sweden

Here comes the long weekend for Easter!
Many people plan their mini-break here, but I preferred to stay home and relax. So here is how Sweden generally celebrates Easter.

Easter here is called påsk pronounced ”poh-sk”. There are only quite a few who celebrate Easter here and most of them attend the church services.

So today is called långfredag and it means ”Long Friday”. To me, this seems more appropriate than the English name, Good Friday, at least in a Christian perspective.

Then tomorrow comes påskafton means just that: Easter Eve.

Påskdagen is, of course, Easter Sunday.

Interestingly, Swedes also celebrate Annandag Påsk (Easter Monday) which translates to ”the second day of Easter”.

So when in Sweden you actually get a long holiday for Easter. Anyways, I wish you all a Happy Easter and an awesome weekend ahead!

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A summer without troubles

If you pack your bags without overcompensating for the winter then you are a better human than I am. Last year during one of the warmest summer(it was a record), I had successfully braved through the winter by repeatedly wearing 2 of the 5 jackets I had. Believe them when they say you only need one/two good jackets. The downside was that I had under packed my summer gear. When the sun decided to show off, I had to run to the store to get lighter clothes. Luckily there isn’t a short supply of second-hand stores.

To say I enjoyed myself last summer is an understatement. The privilege of a 2 year Master program is that the first summer is somewhat worrying free. This is the time that I did some Swedish self-study, built my network for my startup travelled  Skåne and so much more. It seems like a life event on its own.

The signs of spring are beginning to emerge and although a lot of things are different this time around, having to move out, graduate and possibly make life-altering decisions I still look forward to the possibilities of what summer holds for me, my friends and Skåne.

So my piece of advice, enjoy your first summer, Don’t hold back. Travel, beach, swim, indulge, eat ice-cream and most importantly smile!

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One month to go before final presentations

Hej hej!

In exactly one month we will have our final presentations and because of this, we are all going into full work mode on and trying very hard to not grow tired of the projects we have been working on for the past months. It can be challenging but there are so many different things to do that it makes it easy for me to not get bored; as it usually happens, I would definitely say that I have a little bit of short attention span haha but as long as I keep producing things for the final booklet, presentation, or boards I will be ok. Its crazy to remember that last year I was travelling to Poland for Easter break and now I barely know the exact dates, this month is going to be interesting.


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Cherry blossom season

It is April! The spring is coming 🙂

The weather has been amazing this year, we got a lot of sun and warm days, but when it comes to April, usually the weather change a lot in between days. I always call it as “weather in puberty”, just like how teenagers are, it is changing all the time. But that is the beauty of April, right?

Speaking about beauty, it is the week of cherry blossom! I captured several photos of pink and white cherry blossom last week, and it looks so pretty. They don’t usually last long, so enjoy them when you can! 🙂

Pink cherry blossom in Furutorpsparken


White cherry blossom near Ramlösa

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Swedish Spring around the corner!

Hej allihopa! The wait seemed endless but finally here we are, spring and light are at the doorstep! Personally I am part of this kind of people that is weather-obsessed since I started living in Scandinavia and the arrival of Spring makes me the happiest person in the world.

In spite of living in Copenhagen, the weather is the same as in Lund due to their proximity and it couldn’t be more awesome. Spring and summer are my favourite seasons in Sweden, everything is bright, people start crowding the streets, flowers are blooming and you feel an energy boost to do any of your daily activities; especially if these involve the outdoors!

If you have/will have the gift that is living in Sweden at this time of the year, don’t think twice, stop being lazy and get on your bike to explore the surroundings without 1123214234 layers of clothes over you. In southern Sweden there are beautiful hiking routes such as Söderasen national park, Kullaberg or Skrylle. And if you aim to go deeper in the exploration, wandering around Ven island (in front of Landskrona) by bike during summertime is an alternative getaway to get relaxed after so much working in your proyects and personal challenges.

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Mid term Master Thesis presentations

It has been a challenging 3 months since I started the Master Thesis with my colleague.Now we really feel the heat turning on as we gear up for the mid seminar presentation in a fortnight!Well we feel both excited and a little scared.You never know what awaits one in these seminars.However we look forward to learning a lot from the other group that will cross examine our progress,likewise we will cross examine another group’s and surely benefit from seeing the strategies of our class mates.

Hopefully all turns out well and I will be back on the platform with positive feedback.


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It looks like spring is here!

Holaaaa! The weather has changed a lot in the last week and I couldn’t be happier! It is still cold, as it is to be expected until the end of the month in my experience, but the sun is out almost every day and it makes such a difference in your everyday life! Now the sunsets are around 7:30pm and there is still some light until 8pm; honesty I would choose a sunny but cold day over a rainy but not cold day a million times.

There is also the fact that these beautiful blue/purple flowers are in full bloom all over Lund and it’s so nice to walk around and see them in very random places. As I see it, the only problem is that now I wish I could spend more time outside instead of being at the studio working on the thesis, but we have one month and a half left until the final presentations so I’m trying very hard to focus.

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Food for thought: Relax or retake exams

The thought that must have come to every student during the Christmas break and the upcoming Easter holidays…

On one side you have the untouched serenity of the European lands and the other side you have the stress of clearing/improving your grades in the exams.

You hear the mountains and the wild in the countryside calling out to you and then all of a sudden you remember about your haunting exams and everything is silenced.

What’s really cool about universities here is that you have the freedom to choose when to write your exams. The idea is to take the pressure off of the students. It is also a common practice to write an exam on several occasions in an effort to improve your grades.

If you don’t feel like you are ready, take the liberty of doing the exams whenever you are comfortable. 

Lycka till!

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The other side of me

The first year as a student in Lund, that’s all I was- a student. However, in the past year, I have adopted a new character. A student entrepreneur. As I have highlighted in my previous posts, I try as much as possible to merge my startup idea with school but there are just somethings that won’t pass for academic credits, haha.

The last two weeks have been exceptionally intense. I have had to do a lot of pitches and showing up at events.  As challenging as this can be and pressing in terms of time, it is all worth it. 

Pitching at the 2019 Dragons Finals competition

The feedback I have received is invaluable. The last thing I thought I would become when I boarded my flight in 2017 to come to Lund is a student entrepreneur. But this is the nature of Lund. Opportunities are abundant, you are bound to find something that changes your whole game plan. So come with your goal in mind but be flexible about how you get there!

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Symposium on Light & Colour

The architecture department is making consistent effort to inspire and enlighten students and externals on what is new and trendy in the industry. This April 10th, the A-building is hosting an open symposium on Light & Colour!

This may be a great opportunity to visit the A-building if you have not done so yet and catch an exciting event at the same time. All you need to do is to RSVP via this link. Please note that the event will be held in Swedish and only provides free entry for students.

Hope to see your there!


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