Summer in Sweden

Hej hej! My name is Ceren and I will be the programme ambassador for the Energy-efficient and Environmental Building Design Master Programme for the upcoming year.

First of all, I congratulate and welcome all new EEBD students. If you are considering this master programme in the future, you are also more than welcome to send e-mail to for questions regarding the programme, the courses and student life in Helsingborg.

Now, the courses are over, and the summer has already started. If you’re in Sweden at this time of the year, you are most likely to see many people sunbathing in parks all around the city. At first, I was very surprised to see people with swimsuit laying on grass. But after 10 months of life in Sweden, I realized how important the sun is and how Swedes make the most of the sun while it still shines.

If you want to benefit from the sun next to the sea, there are many nearby areas where you can enjoy sand, sea and sun. Tropical Beach or Gröningen would be the best options if you want to stay in the city centre.


View to Helsingør (Denmark) from the Tropical Beach in Helsingborg

If you prefer to be away from the city, there are a lot of options. Fortuna Strand in Rydebäck is one of them and it only takes around 30 minutes from the city centre by bus or by bike. There is a wind shelter and barbecue spot only 50 meters away from the sea. It is possible to sleep in the shelter with a mat and a sleeping bag. When I was there with my friends, some of us even slept outside the shelter, under the stars. It was such an amazing experience. It was the first time in my life that I slept outside in nature but I’m sure that it won’t be the last. Because in Sweden, you can camp freely as long as it’s not in someone’s private garden! Here is the link for further information about camping in Sweden:

Sunset in Fortuna Strand in Rydebäck
Wind shelter that can accommodate up to 10 people

See you soon!


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New beginnings!

After the graduation ceremony

Wrapping up the academic year and for me, wrapping up my academic career (for now) has been a bittersweet journey. The corridors have started getting emptier and graduation halls are filling up.

It all seems slightly disheartening but equally exciting. This past weekend I moved from my precious room in the centre to an area in the north. My travelling route has changed and I am still exploring hidden streets of Lund. This is how I am embracing change.

I don’t look forward to seeing my friends leave but I am glad we have all accomplished what we set to do. Personally, I have gained more from the experience of studying outside the classroom than within. I stand firm in the beauty of studying abroad- if you have doubts, I would like to encourage you otherwise.

Vi ses!

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LaTeX – your companion for your reports.

For those of you who have gone through the lab manual and reports from previous years, have you ever wondered how they are so stylized and rich in formatting with all kinds of weird equations and symbols. It is because almost all of them are made in LateX. It is a great platform for writing scientific documents. And being engineers it would be a great skill set to grab. I had no clue of it before I came here for my masters. It might seem a bit cryptic in the beginning but once you get used to it, believe me, you would love it. Instead of formatted text (as used in Word, Pages, LibreOffice Writer, etc.), TeX users are writing in plain text. By several lines of formatting commands, content throughout the document are stylized, as well as page layout, indexing, footnotes, chapter headings, cross-references, and bibliographies, etc. Even a complex graph or a table can also be drawn in plain text.

Since the software-based Tex/LaTeX is pretty complex for beginners to configure, ( several different individual software are in collaborative work mechanism ), to provide beginners a quick and convenient way to create, edit and share documents, there is online service (Overleaf) providing LaTeX where you can experience how amazing the tool is. Moreover, it also lets you collaborate with your project partner and can be shared with anyone and everyone with very easily.

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Graduation time!

Finally the time to graduate has come! I had a wonderful two years of education and experience in international environment, feeling so grateful about it 🙂

Here are some of my graduation photos!

Finally M. Sc. in Energy-efficient and Environmental Building Design!
Photo by: Margaretha Liliana Situmorang

With some EEBD friends. Happy faces only!

With Margaretha from SUDes!
Photo by: Markus Brilliant Mulyadi Situmorang


Also, this might be my last post as EEBD program ambassador. I had splendid time with this role, and I hope both my posts and respond to your e-mail provided a great help to you. Vi ses! 🙂

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Books EEE program

I would advice all the new comers to buy course literature especially the Digital IC design and Analog IC design textbooks from the home country as the books are quite expensive here. These books in particular as the exams for them have open book tests and are a great reference throughout the masters program covering the basics in depth. 

As for the other courses there are e copies available in the library which can be downloaded and read at your convenience.

Good luck! 

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Graduation day!

Hej everyone!

So we had our graduation day two days back on the 29th of May. Though I am yet to finish my thesis, LTH lets you partake in this ceremony since we are international students. 

It was an awesome experience and was nice to see our international coordinators there to congratulate us on the two years of hard work we put in. This is the only time we get to go inside the famous Palaestra Auditorium with pompous music to our delight. The best part of it is that it is streamed live and your near and dear ones anywhere in the world can see you graduate!

Now probably Lund University and LTH is etched to my life and I hope I make them proud with my work in the future. 

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Housing review : Vallgatans studenthem

As promised before, now I will share the review about my current housing in Helsingborg. I got the accommodation from Helsingborgshem. In there, you can choose the available student apartment.

The nice thing about renting a student apartment is, the electricity and heating price are already included in the rent. But with Helsingborgshem, we still need to have an internet subscription on our own (which is really easy to get!). One more benefit is, with Helsingborgshem, we only need to pay 10 months rent in a year. Basically, on June and August we need to pay only half of the rent, and on July it is totally rent free!

Now the down part of it.. It is not furnished. The first time you come, the room is totally empty and you need time to buy or get your furniture, and maybe build them. However, there is many furniture selling stores in Helsingborg, second-hand store should be considered as well! If you are thinking about the delivery mode, most of them could take care of it too, but we will need to pay some more for this extra service.

And here is how my room look like after I set it up. Pretty nice and comfy, isn’t it?

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Final presentations are OVER


As I said before, this past month was definitely interesting and passed by waaaaay too fast.

I can’t believe we are already done with the final presentations; it seems like only last semester we were listening to the thesis presentations of the year above us and somehow most of my friends and I have presented their thesis. Even though it was very important, and it did felt like a very big step, there are still certain things we need to do before its official that we are done with the semester/master.

In two weeks, we need to hand in the final booklet that will later on be printed and that we will upload into the university’s system and write an opposition for another thesis project that was presented in the past days. Still, it feels like little work compared to everything else we have produced.

Tomorrow we planned a party to celebrate and next week we have the Graduation Ceremony.

I can’t wait

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Another exam period approaches ending

Hi everyone! It is inevitable that as fast as time goes another exam period is coming to an end. For many people that started their master programme at the same time as me this means that it’s time to start designing a life project, this is looking for jobs, continuing studying, taking a gap year, get entrepreneurial or whatever your brain is asking you for!

But for others, it is the time to do something between the first and second year of the programme. Many people I’ve known live very far away from their homes and decide to stay in Lund for the summer. During this time of the year the city gets empty since approximately half of its population, which are students, is gone on holidays. In my opinion, although it sounds very sad, it is undoubtedly a great idea to stay during summer to explore the surroundings, work for a summer job, do scientific research in a department (at least for biotech people) or simply traveling if your budget and will allows you to do so. During summer Sweden transforms itself and nature lovers can do what they can’t most of the year. Go hiking, kayaking or simply lay on the beach while reading a book or having a picnic with some friends, enjoy these simple pleasures of life!

Meanwhile I’ll leave here some pictures from Swedish summer!

Rapeseed fields in Skåne

Västra Hamnen in Malmö
Library at Lomma
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What’s up at the A-building

Hello Again!

It has been a hot minute since I posted last and can thankfully catch my breath now that the thesis work is coming to an end.

In the frenzy, I happened to walk by a brief student exhibition on campus that cheered up the hallways as much as it did my recent stationary life.

Hope you enjoy the following pictures as much as I did!


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