Teknikfokus – E Guilds Career Fair

It is finally time for the E Guilds very own career fair and this year it promises to be a double deal. Come Feb 12th and the 13th, there will be two awesome days of company visits with different companies each day. This will be the perfect place to meet the company of your dreams and network with them. You can get all the details of the fair including which companies on which days here. 

Wish me luck for finding my next job here 😉 

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Logistics and Supply chain management takes you international

Over the past few days, I have had exciting days going through customs clearance procedures for dangerous goods in NAIROBI….Well not so dangerous Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries that we are using in electric vehicle conversions. It was so exciting to put to good use the training in international physical distribution and industrial purchasing, that I have received in the past months at Lund.I feel like the time I have invested in taking this Masters program was worth the while..so if you are interested in having an international career and are taking this course you are likely to get the right motivation. Below are a few snippets of the scenes at the clearance depot…Ohh and I also discovered how much patience one needs at the boarder clearance procedures…


trucking queue

Container depot


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Last year Final Presentations

Hey guys!

So I never got around to show you how my final presentation for Dujiangyan looked. It was a crazy end of the semester/year and that craziness has stayed over this past month.


The process for this project made me realize how much I had learned the past year and how comfortable I felt dealing with a new site that had little to do with anything I had ever done. It came much more natural to me the whole process, from the analysis to the individual design to creating the final boards. It was a great feeling 😊

There were two full days of presentations in the Full Scale Lab with two students presenting simultaneously (we were a very big group) with 3 guest juries, most of whom had already being giving feedback during our mid- term reviews, so they saw all the process we went through.

I was very proud of my final hand-in, of course there is always room for improvement, but considering the time we had to work with it, I was very happy with the result.

Once the presentations were over, we had a final wrap-up in which there were some final words from our professors and the whole group took the opportunity to thank them for their help and give them a little present.

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Water Resources Engineering 101

I have found myself being unable to articulate to people what my studies entail. I suppose for me because I am studying the programme, I tend to assume that the title is self-explanatory. this is my attempt breaking down some basics of WRE.

What is water resources engineering?

A specific kind of civil engineering (but not limited to civil engineers) involving the design of systems that manage human water resources. (www.environmentalscience.org,2019)

The importance of water resource management?

There are theories that the water crisis is not necessarily because of a lack of water but lack of management. Management allows for the development of future water bodies, the protection of water bodies from pollution and overexploitation.

What do we mean by water resources?

Sources that are useful or potentially useful to humans and the environment. The definition of the environment will dictate the boundaries of this definition. And if that is not complicating matters, I find that the definition is further complicated by the different water qualities required by humans to fulfil various activities.

What are the uses of water resources?

For an average person, the uses of water may be limited to domestic activity. Besides domestic use, water uses include agriculture, industry, recreational and environmental activities.

The good thing is that everyone understands the importance of water, even if it is limited to their needs. Water resource engineers need to do is expand people’s knowledge and understanding of the importance of water management.

Environmentalscience.org. (2019). How To Become a Water Resource Engineer. [online] Available at: https://www.environmentalscience.org/career/water-resource-engineer [Accessed 7 Feb. 2019].



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Final Days SUDes Exhibition!!



If anyone is around Lund/ LTH area, you should come to the A building foyer to see the SUDes Exhibition, last semester’s projects are being exhibited along with amazing models for both Ystad (First semester SUDes students) and Dujiangyan (my course, third semester SUDes students).

It’s a great opportunity to understand better the way the master works and how different all projects turn out.

Don’t miss it!


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Live Music in Lund

Who doesn’t  love music? I love listening to music and even now music is coming out my computer. I also love going to music concerts and festivals once a while to reward myself after intensive study and exam weeks. As a poor student, I cant afford many of them. For last 2 years I have been a free free music festival scavenger. Here is a couple of music festival or campaign I went to recently. 

Eter Festival 

Eter Festival 2019

The theme of Eter festival 2019 was a weird, wonderful and free festival. It had taken place for 13 hours all around Lund. It started from Stortorget and went around Skissernas Museum and the Allhelgona church till Mejeriet. Lund was truly surrounded by live music from numerous musicians and artists. As the theme of the year, the music during the festival was unusual, creative, and fresh. You may notice from the picture. Drums were played as being covered with a blanket and a singer was singing without saying any words. There was a room at Mejeriet having a laser music show. The room was dark but filled with lights. Dancing in the misty room felt like being in a different world. It was great and weird enough to relieve my stress from school and hang out with friends.


Musikhjälpen is an annual fundraising campaign with a special theme. It has been going on in Sweden since 2008. Few famous Swedish celebrities are locked in a glass booth for 144 hours, broadcasting live on Sveriges Radio and SVT. Several artists visit to chat and encourage them and sometimes give a little live music concert. Luckily, Musikhjälpen 2018 was in Lund and I could pass by the venue. The theme of the year was “Alla har rätt att funka olika” (Everyone has the right to function differently). The main purpose of the event was to raise knowledge and money for people with disabilities all over the world. During Musikhjälpen 2018 50,550,204 SEK were gathered. People were being involved by having small talk with the celebrities in the glass room and requesting songs, making the event more lively.  It was a very festive and enjoyable campaign. If you get a chance to drop by, I highly recommend it!

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First, I would like to inform all the applicants that 1st Feb is the last day to submit all the documents on the universityadmissions webpage. Please dont forget to submit any document also cross check your course-related documents as well.

I had a wonderful trip to India I got along with my friends, family a whole week away from all the studies and all the thesis deciding pressure. I had the best food all my favorites you get to know how much you like something when you stay away from it for a long time. All my family and friends were quite excited to meet me and had a lot of questions to get every tiny detail of my 16 months stay in Sweden. Most of the questions were related to climate and how does it feel with daylight variations. Finally, I am back and concentrating on my thesis topic. I think its a little hard when you have to find the thesis topic on your own also choose your area of interest. For me, I am interested in various subjects like MIMO, positioning, beamforming etc.  but now is the time to choose one of them and start researching it. January is the time when many new students arrive along with many Erasmus students various activities like speed friending, game nights, language cafes are organized by the international desk and other organizations which could be the best place to socialize meet new people.

Here is a picture of me and my friends from my India trip with a very beautiful Hindu temple behind us.

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Master thesis time. Another beginning

Tjena tjena! Here I am again. At this point of the year LTH students are busy thinking about a master thesis topic or already digging into it. In my case, I’m gonna work on it abroad! It feels so sad to leave Lund, so many friends and memories. But the good news is that I am going to work at DTU Biosustain in Copenhagen! A research center dedicated solely to use biotechnology to substitute petroleum-based processes and products for bio-based ones. Seeking ultimately a more environmentally conscious and sustainable economy.

Due to certain circumstances, I ended up going abroad to perform the master thesis, and even though it is Denmark it’s still abroad. Only 50 min away by train! It feels like a great adventure but challenging. I will keep updating about my experience

Stay tuned

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 Image by Maskinsektionen[maskinsektionen.com]

In the first month of school start, there are a lot of fun things happening in Lund. Many of these are arranged by the university and student unions. During this time, courses are usually in the introduction phases, leaving more wiggle room in students’ schedules that could be take advantage of. You may be interested to create new meaningful connections with people and make friends. Below are some suggestions that I enjoyed taking part of as a freshie!


The university offer an open invitation for students to gather for a speed-friending afternoon. They have previously offered snacks, soft drinks and a cheerful person with a bell. Conversations are short and sweet and offer a good opportunity to get a sense of other students’ personalities. After a full round of conversations, students are free to recap with the ones they clicked with the most and simply enjoy the evening.


Excursions are offered to students during the registration week but also afterwards. They are very popular and hence get fully booked quickly. My excursions have been around Skåne to places like Klippan´s nature reserve and the sandy shores of Falsterbo. They take a very reasonable fee for these trips (around 150-250 kr) which include organised travel, lunch and “fika”.


They are usually offered mid-term in spring and autumn and could be described as a dinner party. Some of these are offered to students only whereas others are a mixture between students, faculty members and guest speakers. Depending on the type, it may be more or less fancy. Nevertheless, you would be likely to enjoy some new conversations over good food and drinks!


New students tend to be most drawn to this one in my experience. The nollning is a kick-off for all students interested to take part in fun games, parties, treasure hunts and other activities. They are usually organised by the student unions and “kåren” which give students an opportunity to familiarise themselves with what they stand for and offer. The unions in general have their own internal activities throughout the year which could include, Saturday brunches, Sunday fika, games-nights, pizza nights and social events at their bars.


During my year at Lund so far, I have partaken in music festivals, a jubilee, a carnival, piknick at Sjön Sjön (which is the lake at LTH) and other cultural events. The whole international community in Lund come together to arrange, set them up and enjoy them. These types of events run for a longer time and are open for everyone.

It is easy to get into a routine as a student and feel limited by your own building, faculty or area. I have personally felt my social life dry up at times when studies were intense. It therefore helps to remind myself and you of our options that are available throughout the year. If you ever need any further recommendations or advice, do not hesitate to contact me or the international coordinators. Have fun!

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Final Internship Q&A with DRMCCA Students (Part 5 – Karen)

The fifth and final Q&A in the DRMCCA internship series is with Karen, who recently finished a  internship with the Global Climate Adaptation Partnership (GCAP), which is based in Oxford in the UK.

Karen completed her internship with GCAP at a distance, without needing to physically be in Oxford for the entire internship period. Read more about Karen’s experience below, and her perspectives on the links between GCAP and the DRMCCA programme.

What is your name, and where are you from? What are you doing on your internship? 

My name is Karen and I am from Germany originally. I live in Lund and did a distance internship with the Global Climate Adaptation Partnership (GCAP), which is based in Oxford, UK. “Distance” means that I worked with GCAP through online collaboration for 3.5 months and visited my colleagues for one week in Oxford. GCAP is a small consultancy offering innovative climate change adaptation solutions to private and public organisations globally. For example, they are working on processes that allow investments to be easily screened for their climate resilience, including questions such as how are they affected by climate change and what is their carbon footprint. I found the internship through a contact in the Risk and Societal Safety department at LTH.

During my internship, I did research and data analysis to support ongoing projects and tenders. I mainly worked on the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) plan for a new climate services project in Kenya. This included reviewing project documents, sector and context analysis and a MEL learning brief for a similar project and developing the plan from scratch. With feedback and input from colleagues, the plan took shape and was sent to stakeholders for review.

I also spent a good share of my time writing a couple of posts for the company’s blog on Ecosystem-based Adaptation. I chose the topic myself and am using much of that work for my Master’s thesis now. Getting feedback and input on the topic has been very helpful. Furthermore, I was able to discuss my thesis ideas with my colleagues and got some contacts to other experts.

What are your thoughts about your internship experience so far?

It was great to see the application of the course content from the DRMCCA programme. I used some piece of knowledge in my work from every course that I have taken so far, which was really encouraging and a prove of the relevance of the DRMCCA programme. I even went back to a group project from one of the courses to use it as inspiration. At the same time, a great deal of new topics within the broader climate change adaptation and disaster risk management field opened up, showing me that the programme can really cover only a portion and that there is still a lot to explore and learn. The DRMCCA programme has prepared me well and allowed me to gain the understanding and skills to develop these new topics for myself.

What’s been most valuable in your internship? 

Getting to know a different style of work, with all colleagues being based in different locations and developing large pieces of work independently before they are pieced together was a very valuable experience. I expect this type of collaboration to be a good share of my career, so it is an advantage of having done it before.

The internship was a great experience, because it was at GCAP and because it was a very different style of work. It has confirmed my wish to work in climate change adaptation and disaster risk management.

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