Work at home?

When the dark and cold days come to Lund sometimes it’s hard to get yourself out of your room. I catch myself very often doing nothing and having problems with finding motivation to study. Few days ago I brought part of the project home to have it all the time on my mind. Does it feel good when school work invades your private space? We can argue about it, but at least it serves its purpose.


However, it is still very challenging for me to make most of the working time at home. I have plenty of things to distract me, fridge waiting for me downstairs and sweet privacy which allows me procrastinate without judgement. Recently I’m trying to work more at uni and set fixed times for how long I will stay there and use them effectively.

In Lund you can find plenty of student facilities which are study friendly like: libraries, computer rooms, study centrums etc. What is your favourite workspace?




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