Winter in Lund

If you are thinking that because you are way up north in Sweden you will have this wonderfully beautiful white winter, where every single needle is covered in frost and snow. You would be wrong to think so majority of the time.

If you are thinking that every time you step out your door you are going to experience some major arctic blast and it is going to be completely miserable. You would also be wrong to think so a lot of the time.

I will be honest, I love winter. It is probably my favorite season, which I know some people would say makes me crazy. Snow, to me, is beautiful. Lund, is located in the southern part of Sweden and it’s not too far off from the coast. This has a major impact on winter, or lack there of in Lund. Majority of winter is partially, or completely cloudy. There are some days where there is clear blue sky and sun. More often than not, at least this year, it rained instead of snow, but there were a few times when it did and it was so pretty, especially because of the fog that had set in and covered everything in frost. While it is cold, it’s not unbearably cold. However, I come from the Midwest, where we can have summers of over 40C and winters below -28C. You should make sure you have proper winter gear – hat, scarf, gloves. Even though it is now April, and its finally starting to feel warm again, having gloves, while not completely necessary, is definitely more comfortable.


This was one of those days that it was very pretty to be outside in Lund.

This was one of those days that it was very pretty to be outside in Lund.

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