“Winter” break

Hey you guys,

You may find the title strange since it is summer in the North Hemisphere, but where I come from, Brazil, it is winter now. Let’s just say that winter in Rio is warmer than summer in Sweden (and let’s leave it at that :D).

I have been going to the beach almost everyday and also went to a really nice aquarium. But it is not “all fun and games”. I have been taking driving lessons in order to get my driver’s license and working on some reports.






I am taking the masters in Embedded Electronics and last semester we started our Integrated Circuits Project. The heavy lifting is done but we still need to hand in a first report, which will be extended and completed next semester, once our circuits have been fabricted and we can do the measurements.

So I am taking it easy, working and relaxing back home.

Hope you guys are also enjoying your holidays!


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