Uniting Student’s Choir!

Having a penchant for singing, the opportunity to be able to be a part of a church choir here at Lund was a blessing to me after my first month of arrival here. It was a dream come true indeed. We have an amazing choir leader, Eva who has impressed us with her passion for music and is an amazing personality to interact with. I would like to introduce the church choir which I am a part of to everyone out there. We sing at the Vasterkyrkan church, and occasionally sing at the Lund Cathedral as well. We are resuming our practice sessions from September first week. I, on behalf of all the choir members, would like to invite you all to our first singing session for the autumn semester on the welcome service of our International students at Lund Cathedral on August 27th. Anyone interested to join us are most welcome and you could get in touch with me. I will henceforth direct you to Eva! It’s a lovely choir to be a part of, I promise..:)


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