Trip to Norway

My little sister came to visit me after I got back from China. She wanted to go to Norway. We took a flight to Oslo late in the evening after I had finished up a review for class. Then we hurried around the downtown central Oslo area, because we only had an hour to do it in before our train left to go to Bergen. We were doing great on time, and then we were stopped by the HONY (Humans of New York) people who are working on a new project called the Human Experience, when we were at the Oslo Opera House. We were interviewed with them and when we finished we had 7 minutes to get to the train station and get our bag. We missed the train by about a minute or so. However, there happened to be a strike that day, and so they changed our tickets, which was completely unexpected and not normal.

While in Bergen, we went on a fjord tour. If you ever have a chance on a weekend to go to Norway, it is completely worth it to go on one, because the fjords are majestic in every sense of the word, from every angle you look at them from. Honestly, I felt I couldn’t get enough of them. Then we also went hiking in Bergen. It was the first time that my little sister had been to a forest in Scandinavia. In Skåne, the forests are much more similar to what it is like where we are from in the US. However, it is vastly different from the forests found in the rest of Sweden and in Norway. There is a lot of moss, actually because of the saturation, it was very squishy. She was so amused that she was jumping on it from one moss patch to another. It was like watching a little kid splashing in puddles.

After traveling though, it was nice to get back to Lund and back to normal things, because I feel like I haven’t stopped traveling since my class left for China.

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