During my time in Lund I was lucky enough to travel all over Europe (and even parts of Asia). It was one of the factors that made my time in Lund so memorable. Many of the trips I did were with groups of people I had met at Lund. Some of the places I managed to go included: St. Petersberg, Ankara, Krakow, Warsaw, London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Groningen, Barcelona, Kolne, Malta, Milan, Tallin, Helsinki, Sofia…. just to name a few. For cheap flights near Lund, I highly recommend Ryanair at Copenhagen Airport or Wizz Air from Malmo Airport.

There are also amazing weekend trips you can do around Sweden. Some cities I have been to include Stockholm, Malmo, Helsingborg, Karlskrona and Vaxjo. In the summer or spring time you could try a cider factory, the Swedish Stone Henge, Lomma Beach (yes, Sweden has beaches!) and the wild life zoo with native nordic animals which are all quite close to Lund!


Yes, Sweden has beaches

Yes, Sweden has beaches

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