Tools widely used in Academia – TeX (2)

In TeX (1), this fantastic writing platform for scientific paper has been introduced. May be some guys are confused that in the “what you see is what you get”-based platform such as Microsoft Word, one can just simply press “ctrl+B” or click “B” button to set the bold format, why would one have to remember \textbf{the text gonna be bold} in LaTex!? Yeah, it seems a bit stupid to use such an unfriendly and complex approach to implement a very simple purpose, but on the other hand, why not ascending upto a big picture? For example, If one have cross-referenced Section 1, Section 2, Section 3 and Section 4, but later on we need insert one more section among them. It is not happy to do more to re-write/update ALL cross-references and section names. However, in Latex we only type \section{section name}, \ref{section label}, which indicates that  numeric orders are not used in LaTeX source file and they will be generated automatically after compilation -> re-order them! no extra operations!

As it is in TeX (1), by using online LaTeX, you may have a basic idea that how to write an article of a basic structure. But due to the compilation speed limit or security issues, maybe you are more willing to use a local-software-based LaTeX now. To run LaTex on your computer, the procedure of installation and configuration are quite complex, for detailed instructions please refer to the Appendix in “The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX” (Available for MacOS, Linux and Windows).

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