Tips and some useful information for the new students arriving at Lund University…

Hello and a warm welcome to you all! I have tried to include all the important points here, which I believe would be useful for you.

  • Accommodation

The most common way for international students to apply for housing is through LU Accommodation. Some other agencies like and AF Bostäder can also be of some help. You can also search for housing at . Also there are many Facebook groups which can help you to search the housing (e.g. Lund students looking for shared housing etc.)

  • Buy a bike

Lund is a small and cozy city. It is very convenient to have a bike as you can go from one end of the city to the other in maximum 15-20 mins. You can buy a secondhand bike from many Facebook groups for buying and selling secondhand things  (e.g buy / sell stuff in Lund). Also there is generally bike auction organized in each semester which can also be helpful.

  • Studentlund

Nations form a key ingredient of the student life. There are a number of different nations and each of them has a different theme. You can chose to become member of any nation that suits your interest. Becoming member of one nation gives you access to activities organized by all other nations, however only Smalands nation doesn’t give you access to activities by other nations. To become member of a nation you will first have to take Studetlund membership. You can have more information at:

  • Apply for Swedish Personal Identity Number (Personnummer)

If you will be living in Sweden for 1 year or more, then it is necessary that you register at Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). Trust me, having the personal number helps you a lot. If you are here on the Arrival Day, then the officials from Skatteverket will be at AF- building to help you out or else you can visit their office. More information can be found at :

  • Learning Swedish

Once you have the personal number, you can apply for Sfi (Swedish for Immigrants) which is the free Swedish course provided by the government. It is recommended to sign up as soon as you can as there are generally long waiting queues.  Here is the link for  Komvux at Lund where you can read more about Sfi and application process:—Swedish-for-Immigrants/

  • Emergency number – 112

The Emergency number (in case of fire, police or ambulance)  is 112. Hope you don’t have to use it during your stay here.

  • Orientation week schedule

Do try to attend as many activities as you can  🙂  Here is the link to Orientation week schedule for autumn 2016.

International degree seeking students:

International students on formal exchange programme:

  • Student Guide

Last but not the least please read through the Student guide. It will solve most of your queries. You will get it in the welcome package, that is given on the Arrival Day or please find here link for the same:

I hope you find this information useful and have a great time in this beautiful city. 🙂

LU– Rajeshwari

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  1. 1 August, 2016 | 09:58 | Helene von Wachenfelt

    Great summary of many importnat things!

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