Time to learn Swedish

Arrival Day for the upcoming academic year at Lund University is less than six weeks away. I am certain newly admitted students are counting down the days and planning everything around the 15th of August. While enjoying the summer, I would recommend that you start exploring and learning the Swedish language.

When in Lund, you will be surprised with the fact that everyone in Sweden speaks English. What is even more amazing, Swedes communicate fluently and their English is exceptional. However, as much as comfortable you will feel around the city with everyone speaking a language you speak, being able to understand and speak a little Swedish will give you a warm feeling of belonging and integration while you build your experience as a student in Sweden.

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My advice would be to take baby steps and start exploring basic Swedish as soon as you can; before you arrive in Lund. Personally, I have enjoyed watching “Swedish for beginners” videos and tutorials on YouTube. What about you? What are your favorite methods of learning a new language? Have you started exploring the Swedish language already? Feel free to comment below.

Talk to you soon.

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  1. 31 July, 2017 | 22:42 | josephscotchman

    Duolingo is the easiest way to start I think, and for exchanges I’m sure it’ll help make orientation week SUSA classes a bit less intense! I’ve been lazy and not kept up with it though…

  2. I totally agree with you on this point, I used Duolingo before coming to Sweden and it really helped me in some simple everyday words.

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