Thesis Night

Probably the biggest challenge for any master student is to find a thesis, whether is it going to be from the university or a company. But I must admit not in Lund, a large number of companies in the city makes finding a thesis an interesting task. Especially, when the companies are competing to propose their ideas in a new fashion.

Last week a fast-evolving company offered students a Thesis night, where they selected a number of students based on their programs and first sign first served policy. During the evening they offered a tour of the departments and explained more about each section, and where the responsible people in each department revealed the thesis they had in mind. After that, we finished with a dinner together with developers, student coordinators, and managers.

I believe that doing similar events to release their theses instead of just posting them on their website is a great way to attract students. and that type of creativity you see in Lund every day.

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