The secret ingredient to brown sauce

The well-known Swedish meal, köttbullar med potatis mös (meatballs with mashed potatoes) brings fond memories to mind. You will find it everywhere from the student cafeterias to korridor kitchens to IKEA’s restaurant. Brunsås (brown sauce) or gravy is the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to Swedish meatballs. Don’t forget it! My Swedish friend and I cooked this meal once together and I found out that one ingredient really makes the gravy rich with flavor, kalvfond. The online recipes often do not include brown sauce in the recipe but here is how you make it. After frying your meatballs, use the warm fat and oil leftover in the pan to form the base of the sauce. Add one or two spoonfuls of kalvfond, maybe a bit of soy sauce, heavy cream or milk, a touch of flour for thickness and let it cook on low until it forms a nice gravy. You can find a common recipe for Swedish meatballs here.





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