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Tips and some useful information for the new students arriving at Lund University…

Hello and a warm welcome to you all! I have tried to include all the important points here, which I believe would be useful for you. Accommodation The most common way for international students to apply for housing is through LU Accommodation. Some other agencies like Boopolen.nu and AF Bostäder can also be of some help. You can also search … Continue reading

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Midsommar celebration…the Swedish way! :)

Last week on 24th June we celebrated Midsommar. It is celebrated with family and friends and includes visiting countryside, frog dance around maypole, flower crowns, singing songs, eating traditional Swedish cuisines (ofcourse including the famous pickled herring) and most importantly enjoying light, summer and the sun that almost never sets with the dear ones. Also…it is said that by laying … Continue reading

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My experience in Lund…

Hello, my name is Rajeshwari Yogi and I am from India. I have completed first year of the course Wireless Communications at LTH. Since this is my first post here, I thought of taking this opportunity to introduce myself and share some of my thoughts regarding the past year in Lund. Actually speaking I cannot believe it is already a … Continue reading

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Visit southern Skåne!

Taking a day off to explore southern Skåne is something definitely worth doing. Down to Trelleborg harbor, where many ferries depart to international waters, then following the coast road to Smygehuk, you can find the most southern point in Sweden! Continuing the road to Ystad, you pass through many small cozy villages, but drive carefully, it seems that rabbits, cats and … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

Yesterday, ESN Lund organized an Egg Hunt in the city, an Easter themed event where people had to compete against each other in teams, mastering different games such as running with an Egg in a spoon or looking for carrots near the AF Castle. It turned out people were very competitive, as the winners prize was a huge egg, filled … Continue reading

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Ice Hockey! Amazing game between LTH Griparna and Linköping!

LTH’s team did it again! An amazing game, which started pretty bad for LTH’s team. After the second break, a victory as almost impossible, as at the end of the second period, the score was 0-3. In the last period, LTH managed to come back from hell, turned the table around, equalized to 3-3 and managed to lead the game … Continue reading

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Just another day in the lab

The time has come to do a master thesis project. Courtesy to our teacher, we received our own lab and access to it 24/7. Now all we need is research, research and more research. But first, let me have a fika! Study or watch a movie? Or both? Ps: anyone thinks I should clean the lab? 🙂 #dragosneagoe #WirelessCommunication

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Exam week almost over!

The exam week of the autumn semester is almost over! It is interesting to observe the mood of the students around campus- while some people laugh loudly in some corners, happy that exams are over, others still study hard, as it can be seen in the picture taken inside LTH’s Studiecentrum. It is typical that all study rooms are full … Continue reading

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