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Coming back… down to Earth?

On Monday I am flying back to Sweden after crazy holidays to run straight from the airport to the introductory fika and course kick-off. It’s time to get back to a routine and really force myself to do some serious work. Time to get organized. But how to balance excitement about new semester and projects with post-summer laziness and melancholic … Continue reading

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Sweden’s natural parks

Hey! Swedish population is not large and in a huge country, this fact implies the possibility of enjoying several spaces devoted to nature. Last week, a couple of friends and me went to two natural parks. The first of them, Tiveden, is located next to the second largest lake in Sweden: Vätern, more or less between Stockholm and Gothenburg. The experience … Continue reading

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My Best Semester in Lund

Last semester, my third semester at Lund was the best one of my Master in Architecture degree. I took the course Urban Dynamics. It was a really interesting and well organised course. As part of the course we had a twelve day trip to China, where our site was located. The school completely organized the trip for us and even … Continue reading

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During my time in Lund I was lucky enough to travel all over Europe (and even parts of Asia). It was one of the factors that made my time in Lund so memorable. Many of the trips I did were with groups of people I had met at Lund. Some of the places I managed to go included: St. Petersberg, … Continue reading

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Backpack and Explore Europe..!

It is so common that most of us would like to be young travelers going around and exploring at this age! Being a non-EU student at Lund has given me this wonderful opportunity to go backpack around Europe. First of all, I feel very easy to commute to the international airports – Malmö and Copenhagen from Lund. The Schengen visa gives … Continue reading

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Traveling Between Copenhagen and Lund

Traveling between Copenhagen and Lund had once been an easy, direct journey. With the building of the Øresund Bridge the region used to pride itself on its open borders where one could live in Denmark, yet study or work in Sweden (or vice versa). The journey from Copenhagen airport to Lund was a mere 30 minutes. However, with the refugee crisis … Continue reading

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Looking Back: Arriving in Lund – late…

I thought I would share my experience of arriving in Lund University. If you are like me you have probably looked through Lund University’s website to the point where you are starting to have parts of it memorized. For international students, they have what is called “Arrival Day.” Originally, when planning to come to Sweden, I had planned to come … Continue reading

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