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There is beauty midst chaos…

So, it is coming to an end! After almost two years in LTH’s Designcentrum, this is the final month of school before the Industrial Design master is over. I will be a Design MA in about 22 days! Of course this has not come easily…this month has been basically working a lot in school or sitting in front of my computer … Continue reading

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How much does it cost to live in Lund?

This was a question I was wondering and concerned about before I moved to Lund. The cost of living in Lund can vary depending on how frugal you want to be and in what kind of housing situation you want to live in. Living in a student corridor is approximately 4000-5000 sek a month. Living in a room outside of … Continue reading

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My Favourite Cafe in Lund

Sweden is known for its fika! My favourite fika spot in Lund is Ebbas Skafferi a small and quaint cafe that is located near the central station with its door a little hidden from view. It is the type of place I stumbled across one day and was pleasantly surprised. You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner there. They offer … Continue reading

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Spring in Lund

Spring in Lund is one of the most incredible times of the year. I remember a friend reassuring me in my first year in Lund that Spring would come eventually and that it happens over night. She was right! After a long and dark winter you wake up one day and it is green everywhere. Temperatures can reach up to … Continue reading

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Spring is here!

It is the time of the year when the nature wakes up and the whole city starts to look like an amazing bouquet of flower! The nature of Sweden is really generous in awarding the people for their patience in handling the long dark winter. When the sun starts to shine, flowers bump up in almost every corner! Like this … Continue reading

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Winter in Lund

If you are thinking that because you are way up north in Sweden you will have this wonderfully beautiful white winter, where every single needle is covered in frost and snow. You would be wrong to think so majority of the time. If you are thinking that every time you step out your door you are going to experience some … Continue reading

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Life after winter

Yes, another weather post. I noticed that my weather conversations have grown exponentially since I moved to Sweden. Coincidence..don’t think so! Anyways, spring in the air and the sun is out, and I have seen more people outdoors in the past few days than in the past few months (or almost). The first picture depicts something I have never seen before. … Continue reading

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Places I have lived in Lund

I lived in three different places in my time at Lund. A twelve person cottage in Ostra Torn, the student house Spoletorp South and a two bedroom apartment in the centre of town. Living in the Ostra Torn area feels like you a living more in the country as our place was surrounded by paddocks and horses! It was nice … Continue reading

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Just another day in the lab

The time has come to do a master thesis project. Courtesy to our teacher, we received our own lab and access to it 24/7. Now all we need is research, research and more research. But first, let me have a fika! Study or watch a movie? Or both? Ps: anyone thinks I should clean the lab? 🙂 #dragosneagoe #WirelessCommunication

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Snow Snow everywhere!

Happy new year 2016! Lund has been welcoming the New year with snow. Last year, I had my ‘First snow experience’ with snow-ball fights and building snow man during Christmas. Coming from a tropical country, snow is a totally new thing for me. But, staying in Lund for one year, has made me accustomed to the darker climate and snow … Continue reading

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