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Lund ~ gearing up to welcome new students :D

August is here, and in two weeks the newbies would be arriving to Lund. It reminds of my first day here and I cannot believe that its almost an year since my arrival O.o I have signed up to be an international mentor and its so exciting as we would be conducting several fun activities and excursion for the newcomers. We … Continue reading

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Class of 2016, Biotechnology!

Living in Sweden as a student was an unforgettable journey which is now coming to an end. I remember the first time I met with my friends as if it was yesterday…We were 11 people from different countries with different educational backgrounds. I never would have thought that I would become such good friends with all of these people who … Continue reading

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Self cooking ~fun~

Until my bachelors back home, I don’t remember stepping into the kitchen to cook. Every time I was hungry or got back from school, the food was ready. Thanks to mom! But, now, I cook everyday. I can’t believe that in these 7 months of my stay in Lund, I have discovered a tiny chef in myself. I always thought … Continue reading

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Living in an International Corridor

Being a student in Lund offers the chance of meeting with really cool people constantly. You never know where you will meet with your next bestie; it could be the library, the class, a nation or even a bus! Living in a corridor doubles this chance and guarantees getting to know some very nice people with whom you will always keep … Continue reading

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Semester in Review: Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day in Swedish is Alla Hjärtans Dag. By no means is Valentine’s Day a big holiday over here. You will see some hearts here and there, and stores will have boxes of chocolates, but for instance, popular restaurants are not over booked because they have a flood of people who are wanting to go out to dinner to celebrate … Continue reading

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