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Floating in Water

Johan Visser has already made a post about the same event, but I’d also like to share some reflections concerning 2016 World Water Week (WWW) that took place in Stockholm last week. The participation in the event appeared to be a very interesting and remarkable experience for me from different perspectives. First, being a Master’s student in Disaster Risk Management and Climate … Continue reading

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Have a rest, have it in Sweden

After three months in Turkey, the country fuuull of uncertainties, I was  more than happy – even just for a week – to be back to rainy, foggy, expensive and polite Sweden. It was cold, sometimes the weather was nasty, but I felt comfortable and cozy, or ‘mysigt’ as they say in Swedish.   It was nice to meet old friends … Continue reading

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Internship at UNDP: 2/5 done

Exactly two months ago, I landed in Istanbul and started my internship at UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub. Two months…  And other three months are still on the way. Honestly speaking, my feelings are pretty much controversial. First, the Turkish language sets barriers, and if you don’t speak at least a little bit, you will oversee a lot of interesting things … Continue reading

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Internship: Room for Art

On May 30, my internship at United Nations Development Programme in Europe and Central Asia began. Two amazing and interesting weeks of work and leisure are already in the past. I’m more than happy to enjoy not only the new environment of Istanbul, but also to have chances of learning something new about local culture, including art, music, food, and mentality. The … Continue reading

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DRMCCA student wins

On May 26, I had a chance to participate in a workshop-competition on Brunnshög social integrity. Four teams of students presented to Lund Municipality different plans and initiatives that might improve social integrity and cohesion in the area famous for MAX IV Laboratory. I’m very happy to congratulate one of the teams, and especially one of DRMCCA students – Michelle – with … Continue reading

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Hope to see you again soon

Yesterday, DRMCCA students celebrated the end of the year. We decided to organize a cozy, ‘family’, party and say thank you to the teachers. Delicious food, Pub Quiz – “Who remembers the essential lessons learnt?”, music, and lots of fun! That has been an amazing year! And we are looking forward to see each other again after summer holidays and … Continue reading

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Lunds Kommun-Lund University Challenge

On May 26, DRMCCA’s students will participate in a workshop and competition “Incorporating Social Diversity into Brunnshög” initiated and organized by Lunds Kommun and Lund University. During the workshop participants will be assigned to multi-disciplinary teams and have 3 hours to draft a proposal and presentation devoted to Brunnshög, Lund’s newest neighbourhood. We will brainstorm how to make this area a place rich in social … Continue reading

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Syrian refugees: no surprise they crossed into Europe

A couple of weeks ago, I  visited a lecture of Dawn Chatty, Professor of Anthropology & Forced Migration University of Oxford. The lecture was organized by the Center for Middle Eastern Studies of Lund University and devoted to the Syrian humanitarian disaster. A variety of aspects, like historical background of migration in the region or development issues, was discussed. Humanitarian disasters are … Continue reading

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SI scholarships to be announced

Being a Swedish Institute Scholarship holder, I cannot stop thinking how lucky I am! This scholarship allowed me to study the programme I had dreamed about since 2011. Tomorrow, on the 12th of April, the final results as well as the amount of applicants within each scholarship programme will be published by the Swedish Institute. I wish best of luck … Continue reading

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Kiruna inspires

Almost one year ago, I watched a video devoted to transformation of Kiruna, the city located in the north of Sweden. Due to an industrial operation of the biggest mine in the world, the city center of Kiruna will be emptied within 20 years and relocated. This long-term sustainable project of city transformation inspired me to come to Sweden for … Continue reading

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