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Summer plans~

As I have no plans of going back home for this summer, I planned to spend it worthwhile. Some of the options to spend summer in Lund: i) summer job ii) internship iii) volunteer lab work iv) advanced course v) summer courses in other universities vi) travel and explore. Most of my friends staying here are planning the same and … Continue reading

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Class of 2016, Biotechnology!

Living in Sweden as a student was an unforgettable journey which is now coming to an end. I remember the first time I met with my friends as if it was yesterday…We were 11 people from different countries with different educational backgrounds. I never would have thought that I would become such good friends with all of these people who … Continue reading

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I have to be honest, the process of writing a master´s thesis is indeed challenging. The challenge starts with trying to find a good project that would catch your interest and would be good for your future. Among the students of International Biotechnology program I was the one who found a project the latest. And believe me, the struggle was … Continue reading

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LU current research..!

I generally go through articles about current research activities at Lund University. This is something that fascinated me so much that I am sharing with you all here. There was a website I came across which gives news about Sweden in a nutshell. One of the article was titled ‘Watch Out, Yogurt. Soon Drinking Water Might Go Probiotic’. I immediately … Continue reading

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Mini Project – interesting..!

I have chosen only one course this study period which has evening lectures roughly twice a week..! Interesting right! I will be free and would have a lot of spare time. When I thought of spending it worthwhile, I approached a PostDoc and asked her if I could do a mini – project sort of work with her for two … Continue reading

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An alternative holiday

This year, instead of going back home for Christmas, I decided to stay in Lund to spend some time with my babies a.k.a EGSB reactors. I know it sounds nerdy but I am actually enjoying spending time in laboratory while everyone is away for holiday. I have started working for this bio-gas project in early November when I chose to … Continue reading

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