Sweden’s natural parks


Swedish population is not large and in a huge country, this fact implies the possibility of enjoying several spaces devoted to nature. Last week, a couple of friends and me went to two natural parks. The first of them, Tiveden, is located next to the second largest lake in Sweden: Vätern, more or less between Stockholm and Gothenburg. The experience there is amazing: meanwhile one walks between trees and mossy rocks, the colors of the forest create a magnificent contrast with the water of the lake, which in some parts refuses to melt away.

The lake and the forest

The lake and the forest

The second park is Store Mosse and is close to Värnamo and Hillerstorp. In this park, the protagonists are the pine trees, the birds and the bogs. After a 20.9 km hike, the best reward was a fantastic fika, something that you must probably recognize in Sweden.

Andrés Felipe 🙂

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