Sweden-Living a dream

This is Jennifer here from India and pursuing my Masters in Energy Efficient and Environmental Building Design. As the title suggests, I am indeed living a dream come true and its hard to believe that one year has gone by too soon. From students bustling about in the city, we have arrived at that point in time at Sweden, where Lund has started to look and feel empty. Students are leaving for their summer vacation. Nonetheless, I have had an amazing experience over the past 10 months. It’s amazing to see the distinct seasons the country offers. Winter became a little depressing by January this year, but soon the climate looked promising. Having residing at Lund and studying at Helsingborg, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing two different city lives. The train ride is something I look forward to everyday and yet am not bored of it.

Lund is a friendly town, and there has always been something to do for everyone. The nations, various activities organized by the International Desk etc keeps one on their toes. There is lots to explore in Skane too. Taking short trips during weekends is something I have enjoyed a lot. I can also tell you, that the university has started its preparations for the incoming new students and we are all looking forward to meeting the freshers. I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time at Lund!



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