Stockholm resan

After more than five months here in Sweden, I continue to discover some pretty cool things about Swedish society.

I have recently been to Stockholm as part of a trip with one of I-guild*’s comities and I found out how Swedish companies are flexible and innovative.

The companies we visited were not advised that an international student (me) was among the participants and, like every year, had prepared presentations in Swedish. However, during our visits some companies were glad to switch to English as soon as they knew I was not fluent in Swedish. I was surprised at seeing them translating slides and smoothly presenting in English given that they prepared all the material in Swedish.

Besides that, I also discovered how companies were so welcoming to students. They were also very involved in making our time in the company as fun and informative as possible. Some even took the time to make up some pretty challenging games.

* The I-guild is a student organization responsible for organizing all kinds of events for industrial engineering students, from introduction parties to career events.

/ Zineb

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