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Hello everybody, it is my first time to write this blog and I am really delighted that a new batch of students will come to Lund university that is a warm and great family soon. And I want to introduce myself shortly before sharing some of my experiences and stories. My name is Minjia Wu and I am from China. I have completed my first-year study in the Master’s Programme Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

I can remember clearly the first day when I arrived at Lund, Sweden. I was deeply impressed by this amazing city. The blue sky, fresh air, green lawns, clean streets, beautiful buildings and friendly people, everything was wonderful. In addition, the arrival day was also very busy and tired. The international mentors will lead you to AF building where Arrival day is held to check in and receive all information you need about life in Lund. Also, if you are the tenants of LU Accommodation, you will collect your keys from the representatives. After everything in Arrival day is finished, international mentors will drive you to where you live. Although there are many things you have to do and you will receive a lot of information, you do not have to be worried. Many staff and international mentors will be there to help you and everything is ready for you. Your arrival will be as smooth and welcoming as possible. Have a good sleep after you get back to your housing and get ready for lots of activities in orientation week which aims to help you get settled as soon as possible. So try to join every activity that are prepared to you, and during these activities, you can make many new friends, get familiar to Swedish culture and receive much information you need. This link includes almost every information that you need to prepare to come.

The Swedish climate is milder than you might expect. When you arrive at Lund, it is at the end of the summer of Sweden. In Sweden, spring runs from April to May, summer from June to August, autumn from September to October and winter from November to March. So you can enjoy a period of pleasant weather after you arrive. But do not worry, winter in southern Sweden, where Lund is located, is not that cold as you imagine.

Life in Lund is peaceful and convenient, you can find stores easily near where you live and it is better you know some common Swedish when you shopping. When I first bought stuff in ICA (the leading grocery retailer in Sweden), it was a little hard for me to find what I wanted because I did not know any Swedish. So it is helpful to memorize some useful glossary before going to stores.

Hope to see you soon in Lund and a warm welcome to all of you!

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  1. 1 August, 2016 | 09:56 | Helene von Wachenfelt

    Welcome to the blog Minjia and thank you for the great information you provide!!

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