Spending Christmas in Sweden? Hm.. Not so bad!

After 1,5 years in Sweden, this will be my first Christmas to celebrate in Sweden. Swedish people are really into the Christmas celebration, Christmas lights were up since November, pretty enthusiastic, right? In their families, they exchange Christmas wishlists, so it is much easier to buy gifts! I have wished for a toaster or a sandwich maker this year, let’s see which one I will get!

Anyway, about Christmas celebration, as a student far away from home, Indonesia, sometimes I feel lonely and miss all of my friends back home. We used to celebrate Christmas with my mom’s home made roasted whole turkey at my house. But there is no time to be sad and miserable, I also have great friends in Helsingborg and this year I decided to organize a Christmas dinner at my apartment. The theme was pretty much German Christmas Dinner, with Roasted Turkey, Rotkohl and Bratkartoffeln (all first attempt, with help from my mom across the messenger of course)! Believe or not, my friends said they tasted good, I hope they were being honest though! 🙂

Christmas Dinner with Friends <3

Christmas Dinner with Friends!

After we finished dinner, it was time to play some games and eat dessert! But the most exciting part was gift swapping! Everyone brought a small gift to the dinner and we played a song to circulate the gifts, but it failed, I got my own gift and one of my friends got her own as well. Then we made some kind of a lottery, then it failed again, same thing happened, then we just exchanged our gifts in the end!

Mini Christmas tree with lots of gifts!

Mini Christmas tree with lots of gifts!

It was such a cozy and lovely night, everyone enjoyed their time! Coming to Sweden next year and thinking of not going home during Christmas? Just create your own fun! The more the merrier! Merry Christmas all and happy holidays! 🙂

-Stephanie Jenny Angeraini


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