Speaking of the Moore’s Law and its 5-nm threshold

I’ve recently read an article about the Transistor where a smallest transistor ever has been implemented in Berkeley Lab. Nowadays in commercial, the smallest size of the transistor gate reaches 14 nanometer, while in science and industry, the task of down-scaling the transistors becomes more and more challenged but never stops in order not to lag behind the Moore’s Law which refers to that the speed performance, power consumption and the integration level are doubled every ~2 years. However, as known that the laws of physics has set a 5-nanometer threshold on the size of transistor gates, what will scientists and engineers do after reaching that 5-nanometer doorsill? Abandon the Moore’s Law?  Study supernatural abilities to continue the Law?  Or maybe let us just keep staying in our science world and try to find a “newfangled” transistor model of next-generation to supersede the old one without descending into the Quantum world. It sounds conservative but pretty reliable. To be frank, is it really possible especially when considering about the FINITE ATOM SIZE which is sitting there and laughing at you? Yes, it is now! In this article, a novel transistor with only 1 nanometer gate length is presented where the performance and the mass production methods may still remain open to questions. It is un deniable that this breakthrough offers us a quite new imaginary space after 5-nm threshold and delivers a message to our world that the Moore’s Law is going to continue for a while longer!

One of the biggest challenge below 5nm region is the difficulty of setting electrons under control. And speaking of the missing electrons under quantum world, what is the electron? Sometimes I ask myself whether it does “exist”. We human beings are accustomed to collect some “Nature’s Laws” and bind them into a book named “Rules” or “Theories” in order to explain everything we have observed and touched. Once something new pops up and is failed the explanation by the existing knowledge, new rule set comes out subsequently to explain that. So the current world in our understanding is essentially created by our limited knowledge. The same as the so-called electron, which perhaps actually only exists in the “reality” created by human beings and acts as an imaginary tool to explain people’s understanding to that how the world works.

Or let us put it in this way, for instance, an ant is walking in a tremendous hollow ball, the world to it is just a flat plane instead of a 3-D one. However, it may suspect and try to measure the ground where it is walking on so that it is able to figure out that the flat ground actually has a radian or even links to how the world looks like – spheric? oval? cylinder? BUT, anyway, that is ALL to an ant! How could it be able to doubt, observe or even prove that this hollow ball is not the entire world because this hollow ball is contained in another hollow ball which is even contained in the third hallow ball, etc ? So, what is the real reality and what is the imaginary reality? who knows~

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