Some thougths before my departure

Having spent in Sweden 4 months and almost packed my luggage, I am trying to figure out what kind of memories or experience gained here I would take to my hometown?

First of all, November and December have been quite ok so far. One said several months ago that November would be a disaster in terms of weather, but I have not noticed anything extraordinary. Maybe, it is because of the fact that I am from Russia and short sunny or rainy days are norm for me.

Secondly, it is hard to be well prepared for cultural diversity and multi-culti environment; though you might think, it would be so exciting and easy. No, it is not. People are different; their way of thinking and showing\or hiding emotions and feelings is a course I still have to pass.

Thirdly, another food have appeared in my life. Eco-friendly behavior has never been my strong point, but now, going back to Russia for vocation, I will definitely miss some of “sustainable food”. However, I still have no idea what “gluten-free food”is. J

  • Tatiana
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