Snow in Skåne

Despite what many may think, it does not really snow that often here in southern Sweden. I had the impression that there would be months on months where there would be snow on the ground. I thought that I would have to put on five layers of sweaters to make the walk to campus. But in reality Lund is not used to that much snow. When it snows we go out and play, but the snow does not stay on the ground for more than a day or two.

Last week it did snow. It was cold but magical. The air always feels so crisp and clean. When I wake up in the morning I feel extra rested. I am from a very mountainous region where we get plenty of snow so it surprised me that Skåne, even though it is at a higher latitude than home, gets less snow (and stays warmer!). My bike’s gears were frozen and my bike lock required that I pour boiling water on it so that the key could turn to unlock it. I ended up walking to school once or twice. At a dinner party (sittning) at a friend’s house we took a break between the courses to have a snowball fight. The snow melted off in two days. We will have to wait several more weeks for new snow.

~Kate Wicher



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