Seasons of Sweden~ beautiful yet unpredictable

Most of the people would agree with the fact that you can witness the best of all the seasons in Sweden. It is certainly amazing to enjoy the beautiful spring, joyful summer, amazing autumn and wonderful winter with snow. You can dwell into the cradle of nature and make your soul happy 🙂 But wait..! this year, there was not much of sunny days. It was so unpredictable and now they say autumn has officially arrived in some parts of Sweden!! It has started to become cooolll nay, cold in Lund! Isn’t it too early? the weather forecast predicts unpredictable rains. And to make it sound more cold, my friend who lives in north of Sweden said it snowed there already!!??  With all these things going around, I am seated  in my lab, typing the report for my advanced course..! phew!
C’mon, its time to switch sunglasses to umbrellas and coats. Autumn on its way! Say Hi 😉

~ Uthra

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