Refugees and volunteering: good to know

If you want to volunteer and help an NGO in Sweden that provides assistance to refugges from Syria , please bare in mind that it is not enough to have spare time and motivation to help. Even previous work experience might be not enough, especially for the Swedish context.

Having some professional experience in humanitarian aid field and worked for an NGO that has been providing assistance to refugees and asylum-seekers in Russia, I decided to look for opportunities as a volunteer in Sweden. I have contacted  several organizations in Malmö and Lund, and I would like to share the main finding.

One should have some (unfortunately, I don’t know the criteria to measure it) knowledge about LGBT, prevention of sexual abuse of minors, some level of understanding and previous expertise of work/volunteering with unaccompanied youth . LGBT is a big part of the human rights work in Sweden, therefore it’s very important to be educated and informed.  One of the organizations that can help you to catch up with the knowledge is RFSU, the office in Malmö or many other cities of Sweden.

  • Tatiana
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