Project in Life Science

Vean and gluten free mud cakes in development...

Vegan and gluten free mud cakes in development…

One of the courses in Food Technology and Nutrition in the second year of the Master Programme is the Project in Life Science! Every year do the Professors come up with a new challange for the students! This year we have to produce a vegan food product. My group decided to make a vegan and gluten free cake baking mix for a mud cake. This means that we are baking a lot of cakes at the moment and of course we have to taste them as well! *I love this course 😉

At a second stage of the course we will have tp do some sensory evaluations with people from our target market! So if you are vegan, or you have egan friends who would love to taste some cake and evaluate it, just let me know! We need you 🙂

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