Personal study trip to China

The past two months we have been preparing for our study trip to the US. It’s about a space design project and we are going to Huston to visit Nasa space center. We filled in our applications, wrote a lot of emails for materials we need, skipped our courses and travelled all the way to Stockholm for visa interviewing. Unfortunately, almost all the Asian students got rejected. Things became more and more complicated and we didn’t work it out. Finally the class had to leave without us.

This is so bad.

What could be worse is that I lose my motivation for the project and screw it up at the end.

We had to plan something on ourselves in these two weeks and try to follow what would happen in the class in USA at the same time. Therefore, I cleared my mind, made a new plan, talked to our professors about it. Now, I am going to China to visit the space museums and some space exhibitions in these two weeks. The school will support me financially, same as all other students.

Life is hard. We need to get around 🙂

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