Time to learn Swedish

Arrival Day for the upcoming academic year at Lund University is less than six weeks away. I am certain newly admitted students are counting down the days and planning everything around the 15th of August. While enjoying the summer, I would recommend that you start exploring and learning the Swedish language.

When in Lund, you will be surprised with the fact that everyone in Sweden speaks English. What is even more amazing, Swedes communicate fluently and their English is exceptional. However, as much as comfortable you will feel around the city with everyone speaking a language you speak, being able to understand and speak a little Swedish will give you a warm feeling of belonging and integration while you build your experience as a student in Sweden.

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My advice would be to take baby steps and start exploring basic Swedish as soon as you can; before you arrive in Lund. Personally, I have enjoyed watching “Swedish for beginners” videos and tutorials on YouTube. What about you? What are your favorite methods of learning a new language? Have you started exploring the Swedish language already? Feel free to comment below.

Talk to you soon.

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Holiday in Sweden

When studying abroad, you should take the opportunity to explore the country during the holiday. Since the summer break is around three months long, there is enough time for an extended tour. Together with two friends, I had a road trip around the southern part of Sweden, which included cities like Gothenburg, Karlstad, Uppsala, Stockholm, Jönköping and many more.

A culinary highlight was the giant kanelbulle in Gothenburg.




However, the best part about Sweden is in my opinion its nature. There are countless of forests, lakes and islands which are asking for getting explored.

If you also like fishing then take the chance to fish at one of the three biggest lakes of Sweden for free. We combined fishing with canoeing in the largest lake of Sweden (Vänern) which was just amazing although I got a sunburn.


With around 30.000 islands Stockholm’s archipelago is one of the biggest in the world. Fortunately there are cheap and fast ferries during the summer time to the most interesting islands. We went to an island called Finnhamn and the ferry trip was as exciting as the island itself. We have regret a bit that we left our tent on land because staying there over night would have made this tour even better.

Nonetheless, it was a great time and you should definitely explore Sweden when you are studying in Lund.

Enjoy the summer,





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Your home away from home

Finding accommodation in Lund is considered one of the most challenging parts of student life. So it was for me 🙂 Without going deep into detail I would recommend you to keep on trying to get one from LU accommodation or AF Bostäder, or through the student nations, if you are still looking for it. This is a safer way comparing to renting from a private owner, since there’s always a risk to come across a wrong person. However, sometimes it happens that the landlord becomes your family, you never know.

These days I moved from my apartment in Östra Torn, a very quiet area in the east of Lund. Some say it’s a bit isolated, but I loved it for it was spacy and cozy and it was my own, with kitchen and bathroom. I’m already missing it.. Now to complete my experience I’ll be living in a corridor in Vildanden close to Nova Lund shopping area. Vildanden was designed in late 1960s by architect Bengt Edman, as well as Sparta. I’ve been worried about its brutal character in the beginning, yet the building turned out to be humanistic and warm (even the corkscrew staircase is OK, if you don’t have to take the suitcases on the 4th floor). Let’s see what it is like to stay there!

Have fun and enjoy your pre-arrival time!


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Glad Midsommar!

Hey hey! On Friday 23rd June it was Midsummer in Sweden, and so I thought I’d let you know how some friends and I celebrated. Five international students from my class (including me) were invited to a Swedish friend’s place in Lomma, a seaside town between Lund and Malmö that is best known for its beach. Through the day others went to see the maypole dancing at Kulturen in Lund but I had missed that, so I’m still not sure what it was like – there’s always next year!

Four Non-Swedes Walk Into a Midsummer Celebration

As is typical, the weather was changeable and it rained upon arrival in Lomma. There were roughly 15 of us in total, and the idea was that everyone bring a dish, or a side, or a dessert or something to contribute. The end variety was pretty amazing, including lots of fish dishes (typical cuisine it seems, salmon and herring) with the sprinkled addition of some far-flung flavours. Before the dinner, we went to pick flowers to make crowns, and I was told a story of a tradition of picking 7 different flowers and hopping 7 different fences on Midsummer in order to have a dream of who you will marry (I failed). Either way, with crowns made and kubb played dinner commenced.

Dinner was at one long table in an outdoor greenhouse, beautifully and simply decorated for the occasion, and with a plentiful supply of Snaps and Gammel Dansk and a few songs too. The food and company were excellent. This was followed by more games, dessert and drinks before a “traditional” midnight trip to the waterfront to take a dip – the weather wasn’t great and the sea was rough so I did not do so but friends claimed the water wasn’t as cold as the air. The night ended, as most outside of Lund do, on a post-2am bus. All in all it was a great day… not that I have any frame of reference for Midsummer. I look forward to my next!

Joe x

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Traffic in Lund

Lund is a nice small town. You can easily reach everywhere by bike in 20 mins from Lund center. However, bike traveling more than half an hour everyday could be quite tiring because the town is not flat. I had a hard time the first semester when I lived in green house, which is all the way down to the edge of the town. It became even harder in windy and rainy days during the winter.

There are green buses and yellow buses in Lund. The green buses travel only in the town and you can only pay with jojo card or your phone. The yellow buses are region buses. They can take you to some other cities close by. You can pay with jojo card, bank card or your phone. The train in Lund central station takes you to both Danmark and other cities in Sweden. One important thing is never forget to bring your ID with you when you go to Danmark. Otherwise you may get stuck at the border on your way back to Sweden.

The traffic company has an app called Skånetrafiken, which shows the time table for buses and trains and sells tickets. It’s more reliable than google because it also shows bus delay or advance. The public transportation is very user friendly, especially to babies, pets and disabled people. When the bus stops at a bus station, it leans a little bit towards the pavement so that people can roll wheels onto the bus easily. It is also quite expensive to travel around in Sweden compared to other countries. As student members, we can get monthly card at a much lower price, which is very nice.

Summer is here! Time to travel around 😀

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“Winter” break

Hey you guys,

You may find the title strange since it is summer in the North Hemisphere, but where I come from, Brazil, it is winter now. Let’s just say that winter in Rio is warmer than summer in Sweden (and let’s leave it at that :D).

I have been going to the beach almost everyday and also went to a really nice aquarium. But it is not “all fun and games”. I have been taking driving lessons in order to get my driver’s license and working on some reports.






I am taking the masters in Embedded Electronics and last semester we started our Integrated Circuits Project. The heavy lifting is done but we still need to hand in a first report, which will be extended and completed next semester, once our circuits have been fabricted and we can do the measurements.

So I am taking it easy, working and relaxing back home.

Hope you guys are also enjoying your holidays!


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Starting Swedish Summer – Sun, Sea, Sand, and So Long

Hello! I’m Joe, and I am part of the Sustainable Urban Design (SUDes) class entering into the second year here in Lund! I’ll be updating you on my Swedish life, both social and everyday, and the mountains of super fun work over the next year, including a class trip to China and the inevitable thesis adventure.

Being from Scotland, the climate here is broadly similar to what I’m used to except for three main factors – hotter summer, different wind, and colder winter. As final crits and submissions are over, I have a little time left here before I go home for a bit and prepare for next semester (yay for Chinese visa papers). This means some quality time with the friends I have made over the past year here in the sun.

A tumultuous start was had, breaking a toe the first ever time I went to Lund’s closest sandy beach, Lomma, and having a long cycle back afterwards. I persevered though, and amongst many barbecues, beach volleyball, card and kubb games around Lund, a few of us made the trip on Sunday east to hike, walk and lay in the sun in Simrishamn, Kivik and Stenshuvuds Nationalpark (beach shown above). I wholeheartedly recommend this trip we made, maybe minus some of the walking… and thanks to public transport it only took a few short hours to get there. The sun was hot, the sand sounded odd (yes, you’ll see when you go), and the water was nice and cool. The hike gave pretty great views too!

The bittersweet part is that this trip marked the end of my time with some exchange students, people who have greatly enriched my experience here the past year. By far the best thing about SUDes is how international it is, and the people who make up my diverse group of classmates. They’re an integral part of being here. Friends for life indeed.

Joe x

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Home Sweet Home

Hello, My name is Atef Hatahet from Syria and I currently finished my first year in Wireless communication master’s program at Lund university.

I must say that the last weeks before exams I couldn’t wait till I get back home and relax, but I have never thought that after only a couple of days of arriving home I would say “I miss Sweden”.
There are a lot of great things about Sweden and especially Lund, but what I miss the most is the queuing system of Swedish people, there are queues for everything, they queue to buy cheese from the super market, wait for the bus or take a ticket from the queuing machine (which I don’t really think they need) to stand in another queue, and Swedish people are programmed to stand in line and respect the order.

I remember like yesterday at the 2016 arrival day, I reached Lund after a long trip from my home. And there I witnessed the queuing phenomenon at its best. Hundreds of students waiting to get their accommodation’s keys, there were a lot of students that I thought I would better find a place to sleep that night because I would never get that key. But with the great Swedish queuing power it took me less than one hour to get it. Even though there were all international students but there were Swedish people helping to organize the queue.

To end, one of the rarest moments to see an angry Swedish person is if you break the line so enjoy Sweden and happy standing!!

Flalfel queue

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Typical student of LU

Hello, lovely people!

First, let me introduce myself. I am Nina, a biotechnology student here at LU and I will be blogging for you during the next year, telling you all about the life and studies here in Lund! You are welcome to share your thoughts and questions in the comments section or feel free to contact me on the e-mail provided😊.

Since this study year is coming to an end, I remind myself of the things that were happening one year ago. I am so grateful for all the friends, experiences and knowledge I have gathered. Still, it seems not so long ago that I was having the presentation for my Bachelor’s project, packing my bags and getting ready to move to a different country. For you readers in the same position, it might seem overwhelming, but don’t worry, it will all be great. Plus, there is an excellent introduction week here at LU, but more about that in another blog.

Now, summer break is here and everyone is taking a well-deserved holiday. Last week, on the 6th of June, in Sweden it was the National Day celebration. Some events were organised around the city and a lot of people were out enjoying the day. I went to Kulturen, which is an open-air museum, where they had free entrance because of the holiday and I thought it was a great opportunity to visit it. They had a house dedicated to Lund University with an exhibition about the history of the University. I took this photo there…well I thought it was fun and it sums it up well. 😊

Stick around!


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Sweden-Living a dream

This is Jennifer here from India and pursuing my Masters in Energy Efficient and Environmental Building Design. As the title suggests, I am indeed living a dream come true and its hard to believe that one year has gone by too soon. From students bustling about in the city, we have arrived at that point in time at Sweden, where Lund has started to look and feel empty. Students are leaving for their summer vacation. Nonetheless, I have had an amazing experience over the past 10 months. It’s amazing to see the distinct seasons the country offers. Winter became a little depressing by January this year, but soon the climate looked promising. Having residing at Lund and studying at Helsingborg, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing two different city lives. The train ride is something I look forward to everyday and yet am not bored of it.

Lund is a friendly town, and there has always been something to do for everyone. The nations, various activities organized by the International Desk etc keeps one on their toes. There is lots to explore in Skane too. Taking short trips during weekends is something I have enjoyed a lot. I can also tell you, that the university has started its preparations for the incoming new students and we are all looking forward to meeting the freshers. I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time at Lund!



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