About being on time

LU is a university with a lot of international students. Group work with students from different culture is very common. It’s important to understand that being on time can be different for people from different culture.

In China when we say our course at 8:00, students will show up before 8:00 and the course will start exactly at 8:00. The first semester in school here, I always manage to get to our class on time or slightly earlier. But the courses normally start later than it should be. Finally I figured out that normally, courses start 15 minutes later than what is said on time editor.

We talked about being on time in different cultures on our Swedish course. In Sweden, people are strict but not that strict about being on time. Being late within 10 minutes is totally fine. Some students said people in their countries are very relaxed with time. It’s possible that an invitation says the dinner starts at 4:00 pm and guests show up 2 hours later.

It’s an interesting detail and a good thing to know. You don’t want to be upset waiting for someone or make your teammate upset waiting for you.

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My Corridor

Hallo everyone
Today i want to tell you about my corridor, I live in Delphi NB Building to be specific, Where i have my own room and bathroom with a shared kitchen with my corridor mates. There are different accommodation in Lund.
The kitchen and living room is where we share our thoughts,play board games,  watch movies together, do weird dance moves and sing our soul out. You can basically go crazy and you will always find someone who shares the same thing.
last Friday we had our sitting where we cooked together Mexican food and sang together Swedish and our childhood songs.
The fun thing about the corridor life, you will always learn something new – something different, and after a long day at school you will be there with beautiful people to share your day.Here is a picture of our Mexican food day

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MATLAB is your best friend

At the beginning of my second year in the Wireless Communications master program, I must say MATLAB is a very powerful computing environment and easy to use tool in order to simulate, analyze and understand multiple tasks.

This term I am working on a project in Wireless Communications where we should transfer data from one laptop using its speakers and receive it through the second laptop’s microphone. Off course the required system must be done using MATLAB.

The second course is one of the hottest topics in Telecom right now (even know it’s not new) is MIMO systems, we also have multiple assignments where we should analyze and investigate many measured data and compare it with the theoretical results using MATLAB also.

The third course is signal separation (independent component analysis), here the project tasks is to compress a picture and separate 2 acoustic signals, MATLAB is the tool here again.

With all this pressure I would say the most important things in my life in Descending order right now are:
2. Coffee
3. Teamwork i.e. sitting with people that have the same as your suffering and keep talking about it

Sunday evening teamwork (the guy on the left is still alive and coding)

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Cadence Lab

Hey guys,

My post today is directed to our future electronic engineering students.

If you decide to join us in this crazy adventure (crazy is the word since you will feel you’re going out of your mind sometimes, but it is worth it…..at least so I’ve heard ;D) , you will spend a lot of hours, daily, in the Cadence Lab room.

Located on the second floor of the E-building, Cadence lab is where we, embedded systems students, have lab sessions on Digital and Analog IC design, AD-DA converters as well as the IC project.

For now, the number of habitants/m² (people that basically live in the lab) is still low, so far we only have some tourists that come by to visit during obligatory lab sessions. This rate tends to increase once the spring semester kicks in and the IC projects begin. By this time, the competition over free computers begin.

Believe me, the struggle is real. Some simulations take quite a long time to run, so it may happen that you leave it working overnight and when you get there in the morning…. someone has “stolen” your computer. So here goes some techniques proven useful in the past:

– taking turns with your partner so someone is always there holding the spot;

– leaving a note saying “Do not restart, simulation running” (this may work a couple of times, but it is not 100% guaranteed);

– beg your friends that are staying in the lab to protect your spot :).

Some people even eat lunch in the lab (which is not the best to your colleagues when you bring food with strong smell), so it almost feels like home ^^.


But cheer up guys, you won’t be the only one stuck in there! Take a break, enjoy a fika, and #keepworking.



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Group work

Hej hej!

So the last year of master studies has started for me and let me say, things are moving quickly! A lot of decisions to make, which courses, which projects, which master thesis topic to choose…Currently I am working on some literature studies and laboratory work and the topics are very interesting! Another thing I find very interesting is how much people love group work here :). For some of you it may sound perfectly normal, but for some of you maybe not as much..

For me personally, when i started studying here, I was expecting do to most of the assignments and projects by myself, so it was surprising to see that was not the case. Group work is a big deal here and I also became a huge fan of it. It is very fascinating to work with other people from different countries, to hear their opinions and how they think. We have come here from all around the world and it is exciting to share thoughts. Its a way to think differently than you otherwise would and learn a lot in the process. Besides, at LTH there are so many group rooms and places available to work that include white boards and what not. Of course, there are sometimes disadvantages, like seldom there might be a group member that can make a sort of an imbalance by working less than the group, but all those things are solvable by conversation and a bit of group effort!

Write to you soon!


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Lovely weekend in Helsingborg

On Saturday, I visited Helsingborg with a group of friends. It was a lovely day, warm and sunny. One of the advantages of living and studying abroad is this endless sense of exploration, and the tourist inside you manifests more often than expected. I am sure my fellow international students know the feeling I am referring to. And do you know that Lund University has a campus in Helsingborg?

Living in Lund which is part of the Skåne County is very convenient if you want to travel around and explore more of southern Sweden. Many beautiful towns and cities are close and Helsingborg is one of my favorites. It’s only a 30-minute train ride and the nature landscape in between make it quite enjoyable. If you haven’t had a chance to visit Helsingborg until now, I would highly recommend that you do… a beautiful coastal city with an admirable medieval heritage.

Enjoy the sunny days!

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Master thesis preparation

For the 2016-2018 batch in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, an initial information meeting on how to approach the degree project has been held. We have been informed about the different ways of conducting a project in cooperation with a company, local researchers or on our own.

It feels like the past year has passed so very fast. Our last lectures will come to an end in December and until then, a lot of planning for the thesis projects is to be done. In most cases, those degree projects are carried out together with a principal company and by two students – a concept that is new to me. The reasons are convincing: Working together in a team means supporting each other, having someone to exchange your thoughts with and results in a better working environment as well as research outcome. I am looking forward to it.

Is this kind of master thesis project very different from what you have expected? Are you interested in more specific information? Let me know by leaving a comment.

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Freshers, help is around!

Finally done with my first presentation this semester! Well, I have had a few freshers coming and talking to me about the stress related to studies. I have a piece of advice to everyone out there, to take it easy! It is a great challenge to come to a new place far away from our homes, and coping up with the new education system and interacting with new people around. It is important to take studies gradually, as in the beginning a lot of things would not make sense or give a clearer picture. What is more important is to remain consistent and yes, we have faculties that are available for any of our doubts or queries. The SI leaders are also a great help in the initial months to help you with basics regarding lectures. At the same time, it is important to have some activities that relieve you from stress. This would help a great way to keep ourselves active during the winter months too. Your study abroad is a great way to mingle with different nationalities and participate in events and activities around. The facebook events are a great way to know anything exciting happening around you. Anyway, good luck!

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A new season has begun

It’s September 22nd and it’s officially autumn now. Can you guess what kind of every-day item is shown in the picture?

Find out about it after clicking: Continue reading

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Architecture and Design Library. Make the most of it

Today I will talk about the library, which is one of my favourite spots at school.

I know from my classmates that it often doesn’t make a good first impression because of the small size, but it’s misleading, trust me!

First of all, people who work there are super nice and helpful. They can show you around if you ask and of course they’ll do their best to assist you in whatever you are looking for. The thing is, all university libraries are connected and if the book you want to borrow is located somewhere else, you can make a request and it will be delivered at school for free.

What I find really useful is the range of search systems like LUBsearch or LOVISA. Once you log in you can access electronic sources, view and download articles and journals. It makes life so much easier when working for example on Architecture in Material and Detail course assignment (where you have to find detailed drawings and a lot of information about the building) and, yes, it does feel cool to be able to read articles from the latest “Architectural Digest”, let’s say 🙂

Last, but not least, when you get a minute, have a look at the thesis brochures from previous years, they are for library use only. They tell a lot about the school and kind of provide an overview of the whole programme, not to mention the inspiration for your projects!

Have fun and good luck in your studios


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