If you want to participate in a famous race you don’t have to go to New York. Instead just take part in the Lundaloppet. It is an annual 5 or 10 km race along the most beautiful spots in Lund. More than 4000 people reached the finish line this year and I was one of them.

As a student you don’t even have to pay the fee because the university and the student housing foundation are sponsors of this event. They provide participants even with a fancy running shirt and some snacks after the race.

More information and pictures you can find here:

Since all runner are winners everyone gets a medal :).

A pick-nick with my friends in the stadium just after the run wrapped up an awesome day.

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Hey guys,

Keeping up with the housing stream posts..

I will present you guys Pålsjöäng, the international accomodation.

Here we only have studios, which means we do not share kitchen or toilet.

Even though on the Lund accomodation website they mention that you should bring your own router, all apartments already have one. Also, all kitchen suppliances are already present (probably from people that did not want to keep their own). During arrival day you will have the opportunity to guy towels, shower curtains, pillows, bed sheets etc, so do not worry about that.

The apartment is quite spatious and you also have a balcony.

Some drawbacks are:  no covered path to access laundry rooms , so if it is raining or snowing, your dry clothes might get a bit wet again. We have been having some problems with the garbage room, basically because most people do not follow the rules.

If there is a problem you can always send a fault report to LU acc. Lately they have been responding quite fast.

For people in the Embedded systems program this is a great location since it is right in front of the E building, where you will be attending most of your classes.

It is a 8 min bus ride from the center and located close to most of the nations.





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General Concerns

Hello everyone

Congrats for all of you and Welcome to Lund University.

I have received several emails inquiring about the courses and wether the loads of the courses are heavy or not.

Very soon alot of information will be provided for you about the courses You will have in your first semester and second one, after you arrive here, you will have a meeting with your program coordinator where they will explain more about each course. But even before that, before you arrive here information will be sent to you about your first compulsory courses here just to give you a clue of what you should expect. Some courses change from one year to the othere.

As for the load of the courses It is all manageable if one has a good time management, and for the assignments most of them are carried out in groups in order to build communication skills and benefit from the international atmosphere.

Many students are able to manage both their studies and a part time job, it all depends on you and how organized you are and the courses you are having in that period.

Hope this is helpful

Bye till next time


Picture: the spring is here in Sweden


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Housing Review (Sparta)

As a continue for the great housing posts initiative, I hope I can help new students to know more about student accommodation in Lund, I had a housing guarantee from Lund accommodation. However, I immediately signed up for AF Bostäder, and after a couple of months I moved to Sparta (I will talk about my first accommodation in a separate post).

Sparta is probably one of the most famous accommodations in Lund, the building is a bit old, you can find corridor rooms and apartments, the apartments needs a very long time in the queue to get your hands on one of them. Nonetheless, the rooms (could be furnished or unfurnished) are in a shared corridor with 11 or 12 other students, you share the kitchen and a small living area, while you will have a private bath and shower inside the room, which is around 19 sqm of area. Internet is included but you should bring your own router for wireless connection. It has a big laundry room in the basement for all Sparta building, so finding a slot is not that hard but probably you should book before a couple of days (except when booking Sundays you need more than couple of days).

The location is great, it is very close to LTH around 7mins walk (750m), just next to a supermarket (ICA) and 2 mins walk from bus station. Lund center is around 2 km away downhill from Sparta towards southwest (25 mins walk). There’s an Actic gym within the building, so you can go there without even leaving the building.

However, it must be said that it’s a great place for parties and student life, so if you are not that kind of person you will might find it noisy and you won’t enjoy waking up in the next morning and see the kitchen as in the picture below (probably in weekends only), but it also depends on your corridor if they are up to parties.

If you have more questions or in case I forgot to mention something important just shoot in the comments 🙂

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My home in Lund


So as part of the housing posts written by my fellow ambassadors, I would also like to share some things about my housing area. Since I was eligible for a housing guarantee, it was not that difficult to find accommodation, however for students without a housing guarantee it can be a bit tricky to find a place. You can read more about it in the post Accommodation in Lund or in Ruben’s nice post Kicking off your housing search.

Continue reading

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Housing Review

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Following the last posts aiming to support the new students in their search for housing, I will briefly compare my several experiences in Lund. I hope, those of you deciding which type of housing suits them better find it useful. Though the choice is limited and the situation remains quite complicated, try not to compromise the quality of your life … Continue reading

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Living in Lund: Kämnärsrätten 1-room/Studio

This gallery contains 17 photos.

Hey hey! Today I’ll kick off the housing series as started by Ruben earlier today. He gave some great recommendations of jumping off points for your search and I’d recommend reading! As for me, after a long search I found my own little student studio apartment in an area near LTH called Kämnärsrätten (pronounced kinda like shaem-naers-raet-ten I think? Nobody ever … Continue reading

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As mentioned from Irma spring is coming and the days are getting warmer.

So it was the last chance for me to experience one of the most famous Swedish free time activities: Enjoying a hot sauna when it is cold outside. Of course, you can go to a sauna the whole year but when you are already sweating before you enter it, the fun is not the same.

There are many choices and even some student houses have their own sauna. I decided to go with some friends to Bjerret, a small village at the sea side next to Lund. On the beach at the end of a pier is a popular sauna together with a restaurant. The reason for its popularity is the few over Malmö next to the Öresund Bridge and that you can take a short dive in the ice cold sea after you have  tanked up enough heat.

Further information you can find here:



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Kicking off your housing search (Update)

After many of you might have made their decision to start at LTH in fall, you will have several things on your mind, one of the most important ones probably the search for housing.

In the following weeks we will provide you with some insights into the different quarters and types of housing here in Lund. I want to outline some points where you can start your search for housing.

If you are coming from outside the EU, the first thing to check is if you are eligible for housing guarantee, a starting point for this are the pages of LU Accommodation.

AF Bostäder has a lot of different housing options only for students and you will be able to enter the lottery for new students in July. More info is available over here.

Private housing / subletting can be found through a lot of different platforms, mainly bopoolen, blocket, and facebook-groups such as Lägenheter i Lund, Housing in Lund and Kollektiv i Lund.

You often need considerable waiting times to get housing directly at the real estate companies – it is an option which applied only if you sign up long enough in advance or intend to stay longer around Lund.
If you would like to try renting a house directly from housing companies, there is a central platform, boplats syd, and several independent companies with their respective platforms, e.g. the municipalities housing companies LKF (Lund), MKB (Malmö), Heimstaden, Stena Fastigheter and Riksbyggen (unfortunately, sometimes only in Swedish and there are probably even more…).
I hope your search for a place to stay will be successful. Where did you find your place to stay? Let me know in the comments below.

Update 2018-05-28:
The previous version of this post encouraged to sign up for the AFB queue – please make sure to do so during the lottery period in order not to miss that chance!

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Brunch time!

How good is brunch ?

One of the perks of leaving in a town with a different coffee house in every corner, is that most of them offer brunch meals on the weekends. Does it get any better? (Spoiler alert: yes it does!)

You may have heard that Lund University is quite famous for its student life/events, which is mostly due to the …. (drum roll) NATIONS! And some of them also offer brunch.

The prices are quite affordable, cheaper than going to the restaurants in the city center. And you have many options for all diet preferences such as vegan brunch( Wermlands nation), or even get some exercise done with yoga followed by brunch (Helsinkrona nation), or maybe an American breakfast brunch (Västgöta nation) and so on.

Needless to say you get to try a new one every weekend.



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