Laboratory work


One of the things I really like about LTH and my programme is that the research going on is excellent and one can learn many new techniques and methods currently used. Some of the courses in the biotechnology programme include interesting laboratory work and the labs are well-equipped (picture below shows one of the student labs where lab exercises are held).

This past week I have started an Advanced course in one of our divisions, as part of the last semester in my second masters year. This advanced course can be done by working on a current research project in one research group for 10 weeks and then writing a report and presenting the work as well. I am learning a lot and I find the work very insightful for getting to know how research work is carried out in reality. It may also help in deciding the topic for my master thesis. I really recommend it!


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“The Dark Side of Sweden”





Winter is coming, days are now considerably shorter even here, in the south of Sweden. Once I came to school early in the morning to prepare for the review, when it was still dark, and finished when it was already dark outside. This might seem depressing, but think about the streets illumination, popping up all over the town! Swedish Christmas stars will soon appear in every second window!

At last, we’ll be rewarded when light returns towards February.. As for me, I’m only concerned about the final presentation in December (like all my classmates). When busy, there’s no time to get upset 🙂

Take care!


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Field trip

Study visits have always been my favorite part in the courses. The ability to connect between the theory part and what really happens in the real world, thus comprehend better what you study. Also it is nice to get out of class of course ;).
Last year, during the urban water course we had the chance of two field trips, one to the wastewater treatment and the other for the drinking water treatment. Both of them were really amazing, the process engineers at the plants were patiently explaining every step of the process and answering all the questions. Me and my classmates were enjoying the field trip,  some of us were not familiar with the chemistry ,the sanitary engineering or have a tangible experience with them, thus the field trip was very useful in understanding. In the following lectures we were able to follow the lecturer smoothly through the different process cause we linked it with what we saw at the treatment plants.
Furthermore we got a general knowledge of what is expected from us if we want to work at the treatment plants and what are the required knowledge for such positions.
*Picture from last year field trip

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Career Fair Days – ARKAD

Hey guys,

Today I am going to talk about ARKAD, the biggest career fair of Scandinavia.

It is held every year in the middle of November at LTH and it lasts two days. Not only it gives you the chance to get in contact with some company representatives, it also gives you an insight about internships and master thesis opportunities. In addition to it, being a student at LTH, you can apply to work as a host or coordinator.

I worked as a company host last year and it was quite fun. I was assigned a company, so I helped them settle at the location and basically was acting as a bridge between the company and the organization group, helping them with whatever was missing. All in all you get some work done, while being able to visit all the other company’s booths. There is also a banquet that is offered for the workers and the company representatives, which is quite fancy. Other people may also attend, but they have to pay for their entrance ticket.

This year I will be working as a lunch host. The event will be happening on November 15-16th, so more details will come later.

Hope you guys can attend it,


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Winter Is Coming

Hey hey!

Here in Lund, since the clocks went back and winter is beginning to arrive (as is evident from my very Game of Thrones title), it is now dark more than it is light. This presents some interesting quirks that as a Scot (from further north than here) I am overly familiar with but still never get used to. The sun rising on the way to class is something that will start soon, but will only be fleeting until we begin arriving when it’s not daylight yet. Already it gets dark well before we leave the SUDes studios in the afternoon, with the sun setting around 16:00.

Many arriving students from other parts of the world will not be used to this, as I am sure some of my fellow ambassadors can confirm. There’s always that one student who has never seen or touched real snow before and that moment when they light up is enough to make anyone’s heart melt. However with 25 years of experience I still struggle to get through the dark winter and it really kills my mood and motivation. It’s a giant hill to climb over with deadlines when all you want to do is hibernate until spring…

8am snowballs outside IKDC, 2016-11-09.

During the past week just gone last year, during our first ever mid-crit of masters, it was the first snow of that winter in Lund. It did not last very long (a few days), but came roaring back in December for finals. The fact that this extended period of darkness (no snow yet this year) comes with the giant workload leading to finals is a double-whammy of negativity. My advice? Brave (embrace?) the cold and keep going to classes and design studios, otherwise the temptation to cocoon in blankets and duvets will be too great. Get out into those few hours of sunlight to get that necessary vitamin D, take a walk to the frozen campus lake, but don’t forget the coat, scarf and gloves! It’s also at this point that people begin missing home the most (I know I do), so video-call your families, make all the comfort foods, whap out the candles and jumpers and host/attend pot-luck dinners. Book your flights home, or alternatively make some winter travel plans with friends, as something to look forward to. Hit up nation lunches and pubs, organise socials, movie nights, everything. Last year, I cycled through ice and a snowstorm just to meet friends at a nation pub for dinner. Literally do anything to maintain motivation while maintaining a life and good quality breaks amongst the dark void that is work, and stave off that pesky Seasonal Affective Disorder (forcibly named to make sure the acronym is SAD) that comes with Nordic winter student life. Everyone is different, make sure you and your friends are dealing with it well. This and more is all for you applicants out there to look forward to!

As the almost ubiquitous Bear Grylls meme tells us, “Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.” because indeed whether we’re ready or not, “Winter is Coming” =)

Joe x

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Thesis Night

Probably the biggest challenge for any master student is to find a thesis, whether is it going to be from the university or a company. But I must admit not in Lund, a large number of companies in the city makes finding a thesis an interesting task. Especially, when the companies are competing to propose their ideas in a new fashion.

Last week a fast-evolving company offered students a Thesis night, where they selected a number of students based on their programs and first sign first served policy. During the evening they offered a tour of the departments and explained more about each section, and where the responsible people in each department revealed the thesis they had in mind. After that, we finished with a dinner together with developers, student coordinators, and managers.

I believe that doing similar events to release their theses instead of just posting them on their website is a great way to attract students. and that type of creativity you see in Lund every day.

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Advanced Course

As mentioned in the previous post I want to tell more about my Advanced Course which I am doing right now in a small company close to the university.

I am half way done and so far it is a great experience to apply the theoretical knowledge in real life. I am investigating how heat and time influences the proteins in freshly harvested oats. After a few setbacks I am finally getting now the results which I wanted. But I think this kind of bad experience is more a lesson which you cannot get in a normal course.

I am fortunately working with a spectrometer and some other indicators, so I think it is nice to share a colorful result.

Lipase activity test for different samples

But work is not the only thing what you experience during the advanced course. I feel   treated as a regular team member and so I am invited  to all the social events around the company. For instance, I could go to a exciting after work event last week and a Christmas trip is coming soon.

All in all, it is actually fun to work in the food research business.

Thanks for reading,

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Getting a cold

Hey guys,

Today I’m going to talk about something that is not that exciting but it might be useful to you.

When you live in a country as cold as Sweden, you are bound to get sick at some point or another (or even multiple times unfortunately).

It depends on one person’s immune system to the other, as well as your diet etc, but a lot of people here take vitamin C and D every day to cope with the weather. Those are quite easy to find at any supermarket or pharmacy. But if the worst happens and you do get sick, then it might be tricky to find medecine here. From what I can tell, Swedes don’t really take any flu medicine just to get over a cold. You can either find some herbal, more natural vitamins or antibiotics, no middle ground. Where I come from we have a wide variety of flu medecines, so I always bring some with me when I go back home. Something to think about…

Stay warm people,


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Study! But don’t forget to celebrate your achievements.

Being a M.Sc.-student at LTH certainly requires the willigness to invest a lot of time into lectures, seminars, group projects, individual assignments and other types of dealing with the subject at hand. It is easy to forget celebrating finished projects and success. One way of doing that in Lund is a “sittning”, a dinner party most often served at Nations. You can expect a multi-course dinner, traditional student songs and a subsequent party. The students of the Logistics & Supply Chain Management program took the opportunity recently and even had the chance to facilitate exchange and communication between the two current batches. It was great fun and we are looking forward to the next time.

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Some knowledge is for life

Taking advantage of a short break between courses, I am currently reading the international bestseller “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman. I remember having read two psychology books from the author a few years ago and last year the Nobel laureate and his fascinating work was brought to our attention during the course “Direction and Coordination in Disaster Management”. This course takes place in the first semester of the master’s programme and deals with essential processes unfolding in the aftermath of a disaster event. Decision-making is considered a key component of command and collaboration in disaster response situations and it constitutes a core part of the course.

I am really enjoying this book and while reading, I sometimes catch myself smiling or experiencing these “aha” moments when identifying with many examples provided. If you are curious about how we make decisions, which of the two systems we activate – as Kahneman describes it, or the biases and heuristics that sometimes lead our actions, I highly recommend this book.


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