Books in Sweden

If anyone is interested in buying any genre of books, I recommend you to try these 2 Swedish websites below, sometimes you might find cheaper prices or faster delivery.

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Advanced course

For the past 10 weeks, I have been working with a research group at the Applied Microbiology division (TMB) at LTH. This was part of an Advanced course that you can choose for your studies and it brings 15 credits (ECTS). The project was very interesting and it has been a lot of fun working and researching in the lab with all the people here. I have learned a lot!

Now I get to present my work to the division and write a report about what I have accomplished. I think it was one of the best experiences during my studies. I can warmly recommend it!

Talk to you soon!


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Around Lund: Falsterbo

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Another great spot to visit is Falsterbo. Practically surrounded by water, it’s the southernmost Swedish part extending into the Öresund. On Falsterbo, you can find a lot of places that are rather intended to be visited in the Summer, but beaches and dunes still look nice when it gets a little colder. What to expect: A lot of sand, a … Continue reading

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The 15 minutes

One of the interesting stuff about the Swedish culture, is the 15 minutes rule. If you have a lecture at 8:00 for example, it actually starts at 8:15 that applies for all the education related matters except for Exam of course, it does start sharp at the specific time. For the meeting with your  assignment group, that rules apply as well, however If you are meeting at half past anytime- It is exactly at the specified time for that case (eg: 10:30 is actually 10.30).
For the lectures, there is also a break for first 15 minutes of each hour, to stretch out and do whatever you feel you want to do, the idea of it, is not boring the students out, and have a fresh mind always for better understanding of the lectures.

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Integrated Circuits Project

Hey guys,

Now that the exam period is over, students from the Embedded Systems program will start their IC projects. You can choose between analog or digital domain. The teachers provide some project options but you can also suggest a topic you are more interested in.

Personally I took the analog project, so more details on that to follow 😉


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Around Lund: Dalby

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Even though it’s Winter time, there is no reason not to enjoy the countless beautiful spots around Lund. Today I would like you to get to know Dalby, a place close to Lund. The Skåneleden, a system of hiking paths, offers a bunch of routes which you can take. What to expect: A lot of well-marked hiking trails, only limited … Continue reading

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Getting around in Lund

Lund is a small city which helps with my time management as a student. Days can get hectic with readings to complete, lectures and seminars to attend, and assignments to hand in. Moving around the city easily and fast certainly has saved me precious time every day.

It’s easy and convenient to cycle in Lund with dedicated bike lanes everywhere in the city. Public transportation runs efficiently and I have to confess, in one year and a half that I have been living here, never has a bus been late. Well, I find that amazing. When I have time, I prefer to walk to the university. The medieval architecture around the city always leaves me with a feeling of wonder and exploration.

Lund being a small city is one of my favorite things about living here. It’s comfortable and convenient. Being an occupied student, it helps to get around efficiently.

Talk to you soon.

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Thesis Fuss

It’s been a long time since I posted last time, but today is a special day! Not only the spring semester started, but also some of my classmates and I finally handed our thesis registration forms to the international students’ coordinator. Why would a formality become such a big deal? The thing is, the paper shows that, first, the student has made up his mind on the theme, second, the theme was approved by the examiner, and, finally, the student has found a suitable tutor and this was agreed with the examiner as well… So it means a lot of decision making, communication, and searches to initiate the thesis work.

To be honest, I was having a lot of doubts and felt a bit lost, even though I had come up with the idea for my diploma soon after the first semester started. What really helped me was the meetings and talks I had with teachers at school. And of course, it’s a good idea to hang out with friends, who are in the same boat… but not too much, because time runs so fast 🙂

I will keep you informed about the workflow and key points of my thesis project and write more about Lund.

Good luck to everyone!

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Projects everywhere

Right now it feels like that there are projects everywhere. Last friday in the morning there was a final presentation of the food project course, where business partners from the industry where invited and you had the chance to change information during a little fika break.

Then one hour later I had a meeting with some people from TetraPak to plan roughly my Master’s thesis. So I knew that I will have enough to do for the next 20 weeks.

But still today I have to finish another final presentation for the Advanced Course. Fortunately I have written the report already. So it will be mostly a copy and paste work.

Although it sounds like a lot of work, I love projects because it gives me the feeling that I create something and you get real results whereas studying for an exam just gives you a grade.

Now I have to add some more slildes….


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Learning Swedish

Swedes speak English very good, which encourages people not to learn their language, Plus, they are too nice and usually don’t force foreigners to learn it.
However, there is nothing better than learning the country’s language, one might see the whole land in a different way, that’s what I am working on right now, which is not that easy.
Therefore, after a lot of tools and apps, I highly recommend using SVT “Språkplay” app, available on apple and play stores. The great thing about this app that it offers different (Sveriges Television AB) TV series and programs to watch online with Swedish scripts displayed while the show is on, so one can hear and read at the same time. Plus, the app will pause during some time periods to test the user knowledge regarding new words in the show, and will save all the words the user learns. And the best thing is that all genres can be found (Comedy, news, Drama….etc).

Lycka till…..

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