The First Year is a Long Year

Last summer at this moment I was busy doing my graduate project without knowing where to go afterwards. Now I just finished the documentation of my design project for the second semester in my master. I feel like I have been here since a long time ago, learning cooking on my own, meeting a lot of new people, studying new language. Now I can read Swedish like a local pupil, eat sandwiches as normal meals and make fun of the weather in Sweden with my classmates. This year seems to be very long with so much experience. Now summer is coming again!


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Summer break is coming

Hej everyone!

My name is Ruben, and I will, over the coming year, share my experience as an international degree student in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management program, as my predecessor Minja will finish her studies at LTH soon.

The spring term is coming to an end now and the entire 2016-2019 batch will be done with their exams on Wednesday. Last week, the first batch of students in this study program presented their thesis projects, which was an interesting opportunity to find out about possible fields and outcomes of such projects.

Please use the comments below for reactions regarding the articles or use the email address provided in the right sidebar to get in contact with me with regards to more general questions.

After the summer break, the students of the program will reassemble after we have been following our different plans all over the world – some of us will work in Sweden, others might go back to their home countries.

Enjoy your summer, too!


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HBTQ certificate for Lund’s City Library

I just visited the city library to get my weekly dose of easy-to-read Swedish literature but something was different this time. Now there is a HBTQ certificate just next to the entrance. Although I didn’t know what it exactly means, a huge rainbow flag on the wall let me guess right.
The library is now demonstrating tolerance to everybody despite their sexual orientation and established a working group to discuss relevant topics.
After almost one year, I can say that Lund is also in general an open-minded city where foreigners are treated in the same way as Swedes.



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Weekend trip ideas: Ivösjön – Bromölla

If you are looking for a great weekend trip with overnight stay, I can reccommend amazing place not that far from Lund.

We went to Bromölla, which is a small village at Ivösjön lake. Right at the lake there is a cosy camping with small huts for 4-5 people, good shower facilities and many bbq places at the lake. It’s easily accessible by car and has very decent huts in good price.

Huts are really tiny, but if you just wanna have a good sleep after great bbq evening at the lake – they are perfect! Around the lake there are plenty of different walking paths through swedish forest and country side.

The sunset at the lake was worth every kilometer we had to drive to get there.


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10 days to go…

For the first batch of the The Disaster Risk  Management students the end of the studies is aproaching fast – only ten days to go until the hand-in of the Master thesis. A few weeks later, the defense will follow and the first Masters of Disaster have finished the programme 🙂

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The passed weekend, and actually the passed week, the weather has been incredibly good! I got a good sunburn at Valborg (which is already blogged about by one of my fellow bloggers). But now this weekend we had a small event for ourselves here in Helsingborg. I spend the afternoon in the park, with my classmates, and with some of the first-year students. It’s really nice to relax a bit in the ‘stressing’ times of finishing the thesis. And I got to practice my selfie-skills, which apparently are fairly low….

As you see, my fellow students are much better with selfies.

Ok. Bye.
– Anton

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Ways to integrate and learn more about Swedish job market

As soon as you arrive in Lund and start your studies pay attention to the initiatives like ÖppnaDörren, Kompis Sverige and Invitationsdepartementet. You might get more chances to expand your network and improve your skills, both language and professional competence if you are involved in activities of these organisations.

Kompis Sverige – apply as soon as you arrive in Lund and find a Swedish friend and practice your Swedish.

Yrkesdörren – apply in order to find a mentor in your work field – engineering, communications, medicine, etc. Swedish job market differs from other ones and it’s better to know where and how you could meet people who understand the principles.

Invitationsdepartementet – apply for a dinner with a Swedish family and enjoy time together and again practice some Swedish.

I’ve applied for everything. It works 🙂

  • Tatiana
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Traditional celebration of spring: Valborg

Valborg (walpurgis night) has very little to do with religion and everything to do with the arrival of spring in Sweden. On 30 April, as spring approaches, Lund University students gather together in Stadsparken (the city park) for Valborg, or ‘Siste april’ (the last day of April) for a festive celebration. During the day, students in groups have barbecues and drinks, and the event ends with a traditional Valborg bonfire and singing of songs in the evening. It is a good time to get together with friends, drink beers and welcome the spring.

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Working on Master Thesis

This semester, has been quite a change from the previous semesters, primarily because I have been working on my master thesis. For the SUDes program, you have the entire semester to work entirely on the thesis itself. You don’t have scheduled classes and you work on your own schedule. You can do your master thesis where ever in the world you want to do it. So there have been people in my class that are doing their projects in Germany, Colombia, Iceland, Turkey etc.

Personally, before the semester started, I had an idea for a thesis project, which I was extremely excited about, but I also had a teacher tell me of another project in Helsingborg with the municipality. When I sat down and talked about the projects, I realized the the project idea I had, would be more of a PhD project to do it right. I ended up choosing to work with the Helsingborg Municipality. Then came the task of finding an adviser. Which was to be honest, a scramble to find. I did manage to find someone that works with White Architecture in Malmö.

So I was ready to start working on my project. When I was in my undergrad, I was used to doing all the research myself for a project. Here, when you work on projects for studio, you start off in groups and you do all the analysis, and background research together. It has sort of been a shock, because I forgot how long it takes to do it when you are by yourself. For a while, I was struggling to find a way into the project so-to-speak. Finally, I feel that now I have a strong direction in which to go with my project, which is a great feeling.

Studio life has been different too. In A-huset, there is a master thesis studio. So everyone working on their theses is in the studio, and so it is not limited to SUDes. There are people at all different stages working on their projects. It has been kind of strange going to studio and not seeing my classmates from my program every time. For a long while, a number of people weren’t even in Sweden. It is only now, that they have come back to Lund. It is always a pleasant surprise when I go to studio and see my classmates there too.

Even though the school year ends in June, in SUDes the first time to present your thesis is in May, and if you don’t present in May, the next time to present is in September. It is earlier than other programs as far as presenting. So there is definitely pressure right now to get it done, so that I can get the green light to present in May.

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Spring or Winter…

You never really know what the weather is going to be like in Sweden this time of year. Some years, it is beautiful and warm and others – not so much. Finally for the first time, not too long ago, when I was outside, you could actually feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. While I was walking it became too warm to wear a jacket. The days are getting long again. For instance, today at 8 pm the sky was still light blue! Early spring flowers have been blooming all around town. Just when I thought, spring was really here – it snowed, these massive, white snowflakes – the kind of snow you would want to see around Christmas. Of course it didn’t stay, but it was quite a surprise. It snowed twice that day. Then yesterday, it snowed again! That snow did manage to stay on the ground, though it was gone by today. It is almost like the weather decided it didn’t want to skip over winter after all and has now decided to randomly snow to get in it’s share of winter for the year. 

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