Hello from Logistics and Supply Chain Program Ambassador

Hie to you all. I look forward to meeting as many of you in the summer..on that note an early welcome to Lund University. But mostly to Logistics and Supply Chain management. Where things happen!

My name is Rawlings Mbiru Nechavava and will be here to assist you with regards to studies and general life. So feel free to use my email address on the program Web page. It would be a pleasure to assist as many of you settle down …so that you can get a hold of the academics soon enough.

One thing I will mention straight away is you won’t be short of challenges, suspense, excitement and momentum throughout the course. From the first lesson, you will begin to gain tools that will cut across the span of the first year. Most vital is teamwork..a huge part of the studie work and real life supply chains is teamwork.

Meanwhile, I will be away in Kenya for the summer, pursuing my dream in the engineering business. A lot of my classmates as well will be on career-related past times as well. I look forward to exploring as much of nature as possible too whilst in Kenya.

I have also attached a photo of my group mates. We worked together in many cases, projects, games and assignments. It was both challenging and fun, blending our unique strengths and weaknesses.

Till my next post…

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Graduation Ceremony….Thesis Panic

Even though I thought it’s hard to enjoy the graduation ceremony with the thesis still on my mind, however, when we entered the hall in the university main building, I really enjoyed the moment.

The ceremony reflects how prestigious Lund university and LTH are, everything was perfect, and the best part was that the ceremony was live streamed on Youtube, so my family had the chance to see me live, and that really made their days, you can also check it on “LunduniversityLTH” Youtube channel.

I will be back with a final post about my thesis presentation and a goodbye, meanwhile enjoy your summer, and I have 2 advises for you, when you reach the graduation ceremony, remember to relax even if your mind is stuck with the thesis and finally take a lot of pictures with your friends, because this maybe the last time you will all be able to gather for a picture.

It is impossible to make electrical engineers take a good picture.

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Hello, from your Program Ambassador in Architecture

This month marks the end of an academic year and although it has been bitter sweet to momentarily say goodbye to former  students, I look forward to what the next academic year will bring. One thing I am particularly excited about is becoming your point of contact to help guide you through student life at Lund University, tell you about things that are happening at LTH School of Architecture and offer some insights into Lund as a city to live in or commute to. After spending a year at Lund so far, I look forward to sharing my experiences and help you integrate with other fellow students.

My name is Nadja Jeppsson and I am based in the A-building at LTH where I study masters in Architecture. I found the international programme especially appealing because it complements my aspirations and the parts of me that I consider international. As my name suggest, I am indeed Swedish but also half Iraqi and have spent my past years in London for studies and work. Coming back was an insightful transition that has opened my eyes to many things international students may react to, both in terms of studies and life in Sweden.

This summer break is a good opportunity for us all I imagine, to explore options, what you would like to gain in the upcoming academic year and what you can do to enrich your life. I will personally also seize the chance to travel, spend time with loved ones and indulge myself in another passion of mine, aerial acrobatics.

To get in touch with me, please feel free to email:


I look forward to speaking with you!









Nadja Jeppsson

Program Ambassador, Masters in Architecture.

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Housing Review (Vildanden)

Vildanden is probably famous for being the farthest student accommodation from the university, it belongs to AF Bostäder and consists of multiple buildings, you can find corridor rooms and apartments, the corridor rooms (could be furnished or unfurnished) are in a shared corridor with 11 or 12 other students, you share the kitchen and a small living area, while you will have a private bath and shower inside the room, which is around 19 sqm of area. Internet is included but you should bring your own router for wireless connection. It has a 2 average size laundry rooms shared by all Vildanden tenants. There are also common spaces, where you can have Barbeque or just relax and get some sun. The rent is considered not expensive compared to other accommodations, it is around 3000 SEK for unfurnished rooms, and 3300 for furnished ones.

The location is not the best if you like to stay close to the university, it takes around 25 mins to bike to LTH (around 3 km uphill). and when using the bus, you will need to change in Lund C. However, it takes only 10 mins by bike to reach Lund C. You have Netto supermarket store just next to Vildanden and Nova shopping mall can be reached with only 10 mins walk.

Many people make joke about Vildanden being far, but I think it is a very good place if you like calm places, it is not very partying place. Plus, it is surrounded by a lot of green beautiful spaces where you can take a walk and enjoy nature.


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Spring Exhibition

This gallery contains 12 photos.

Last Friday the Spring Exhibition was opened, where all the thesis projects presented this week (including mine :)) are showcased, as well as studio works. The exhibition is, of course, open for the public, but it is also a great opportunity for us, students, to see a broader picture of what is happening at school. I encourage everyone to come, … Continue reading

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If you want to participate in a famous race you don’t have to go to New York. Instead just take part in the Lundaloppet. It is an annual 5 or 10 km race along the most beautiful spots in Lund. More than 4000 people reached the finish line this year and I was one of them.

As a student you don’t even have to pay the fee because the university and the student housing foundation are sponsors of this event. They provide participants even with a fancy running shirt and some snacks after the race.

More information and pictures you can find here: www.lundaloppet.se

Since all runner are winners everyone gets a medal :).

A pick-nick with my friends in the stadium just after the run wrapped up an awesome day.

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Hey guys,

Keeping up with the housing stream posts..

I will present you guys Pålsjöäng, the international accomodation.

Here we only have studios, which means we do not share kitchen or toilet.

Even though on the Lund accomodation website they mention that you should bring your own router, all apartments already have one. Also, all kitchen suppliances are already present (probably from people that did not want to keep their own). During arrival day you will have the opportunity to guy towels, shower curtains, pillows, bed sheets etc, so do not worry about that.

The apartment is quite spatious and you also have a balcony.

Some drawbacks are:  no covered path to access laundry rooms , so if it is raining or snowing, your dry clothes might get a bit wet again. We have been having some problems with the garbage room, basically because most people do not follow the rules.

If there is a problem you can always send a fault report to LU acc. Lately they have been responding quite fast.

For people in the Embedded systems program this is a great location since it is right in front of the E building, where you will be attending most of your classes.

It is a 8 min bus ride from the center and located close to most of the nations.





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General Concerns

Hello everyone

Congrats for all of you and Welcome to Lund University.

I have received several emails inquiring about the courses and wether the loads of the courses are heavy or not.

Very soon alot of information will be provided for you about the courses You will have in your first semester and second one, after you arrive here, you will have a meeting with your program coordinator where they will explain more about each course. But even before that, before you arrive here information will be sent to you about your first compulsory courses here just to give you a clue of what you should expect. Some courses change from one year to the othere.

As for the load of the courses It is all manageable if one has a good time management, and for the assignments most of them are carried out in groups in order to build communication skills and benefit from the international atmosphere.

Many students are able to manage both their studies and a part time job, it all depends on you and how organized you are and the courses you are having in that period.

Hope this is helpful

Bye till next time


Picture: the spring is here in Sweden


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Housing Review (Sparta)

As a continue for the great housing posts initiative, I hope I can help new students to know more about student accommodation in Lund, I had a housing guarantee from Lund accommodation. However, I immediately signed up for AF Bostäder, and after a couple of months I moved to Sparta (I will talk about my first accommodation in a separate post).

Sparta is probably one of the most famous accommodations in Lund, the building is a bit old, you can find corridor rooms and apartments, the apartments needs a very long time in the queue to get your hands on one of them. Nonetheless, the rooms (could be furnished or unfurnished) are in a shared corridor with 11 or 12 other students, you share the kitchen and a small living area, while you will have a private bath and shower inside the room, which is around 19 sqm of area. Internet is included but you should bring your own router for wireless connection. It has a big laundry room in the basement for all Sparta building, so finding a slot is not that hard but probably you should book before a couple of days (except when booking Sundays you need more than couple of days).

The location is great, it is very close to LTH around 7mins walk (750m), just next to a supermarket (ICA) and 2 mins walk from bus station. Lund center is around 2 km away downhill from Sparta towards southwest (25 mins walk). There’s an Actic gym within the building, so you can go there without even leaving the building.

However, it must be said that it’s a great place for parties and student life, so if you are not that kind of person you will might find it noisy and you won’t enjoy waking up in the next morning and see the kitchen as in the picture below (probably in weekends only), but it also depends on your corridor if they are up to parties.

If you have more questions or in case I forgot to mention something important just shoot in the comments 🙂

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My home in Lund


So as part of the housing posts written by my fellow ambassadors, I would also like to share some things about my housing area. Since I was eligible for a housing guarantee, it was not that difficult to find accommodation, however for students without a housing guarantee it can be a bit tricky to find a place. You can read more about it in the post Accommodation in Lund or in Ruben’s nice post Kicking off your housing search.

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