New year= New start= Degree project

Me and my partner just started working on our thesis…we love our thesis but sometimes ..there is a serious need for breaks and I like to look back at things that I have done the last couple of weeks to get some new energy. So I wanted to share with you what I did in 2015, and what I did for the holidays that you missed out on.

Since my parents are from Macedonia and I am born in Sweden we tend to celebrate christmas and New Year two times a year. The first six pictures are from the swedish celebration. We like to make “Ginger houses” every year, do you find it cute?I think that it is very funny to make, you should try.

The Macedonian orthodox christmas and new years eve this year was on the 6th of january and 15th of january. So on the 15th of january we like to bake a special dish that’s called “Maznik”. It’s a very fun tradition and the dish is very hard to make. On the picture below you see three generations making it together, me my mom and my grandmother. When the Maznik is done it looks like a snake. One person always put a coin in the maznik  and then spinns it and divides it into pieces, one for every family member. The one person that gets the piece with the coin gets luck for a year, my father got it. I hope that you had a very nice christmas and I hope that 2016 will be a great year for all of you out there!! Time for me to study more on the thesis now…see you!

XOXO Aleksandra Milkova

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