New Year, New Faces


We were working in the process of making a movie mission for this one. This is the A-section’s purple boat called Alice


This was during the races picture of the Phøs for the A-section


A-section’s boat that reminds me more of the Lockness monster than a boat….


Waiting for the parade to start through Helsingborg for the Flying Event

Since arriving back in Lund after a great summer, I have been helping out with the nollning, and have had a great time. Nollning is an orientation that is done through the student union that everyone is able to participate in if they want to do so. What is great about is that they break it up into sections. Since I study Sustainable Urban Design, which is in the school of architecture, I am in the A-section. Then they break it down into smaller groups. I helped out with the international master’s group. There are events that all the different sections part take in, such as the Sea Battle on Sjön Sjön, or the big water balloon fight, but there are also other events that take place with the section, such as the sittnings, which is a special dinner that has different Swedish traditions associated with it to describe it simply. Then there are some activities such as missions, which you do with just your group. Except for the A-section every section has a specific color over overalls they wear. In the A-section we wear black blazers and our color is purple. It is a great time, because it provides a chance to meet people who are already in your program in the year or years ahead of you that are mentors or Phadders, in addition to meeting people that will be studying the same program as you. Nollning lasts about a month, though a lot of the activities are in the first couple of weeks. Once school starts you are able to participate in activities and the traditions when it works with your class schedule.

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