Moving day

Apparently the end of June and the beginning of July is moving time. People that graduated are moving out, while new students already start to move in. For me it was moving time as well. In the passed year I rented via Lund University Accommodations, which was very convenient because it was a furnished studio apartment in Helsingborg. Unfortunately I had to move out, because I couldn’t extend the contract. In other words, they want to keep the apartment available for new students with a housing guarantee (which is logical). Keep this in mind if you plan on renting via LU accommodations.

So what did I do? I emailed my landlord and within 2 weeks after I heard I had to move out, I signed a new contract for the exact same apartment in a different building. The nice thing about this was that I only had to move about 50 meters around the corner. A big downside was that I was moving from a furnished to an unfurnished room. Luckily for me I kinda know my way around Swedish civilization, after a year of living here. But more importantly I had friends that helped me out!

One thing to think about when you move is where to get all the stuff. And that’s where my friends came in handy. Via the people I know I got a fully furnished apartment for a student price! Also facebook groups can help to get cheap furniture, as well as (the Swedish version of ebay, I guess). And otherwise there’s always an IKEA somewhere in the neighborhood.


Old apartment (it’s more furnished than it looks in this pic.)



New apartment









OK. Bye.

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  1. 21 July, 2016 | 10:32 | Helene von Wachenfelt

    Great tips!

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