Mini Project – interesting..!

I have chosen only one course this study period which has evening lectures roughly twice a week..! Interesting right! I will be free and would have a lot of spare time. When I thought of spending it worthwhile, I approached a PostDoc and asked her if I could do a mini – project sort of work with her for two months. She was so glad and accepted my request. Now, I am doing a small part in a big project going on in the department of Applied Microbiology. I feel so happy that my work would be a small contribution to one of the promising project.

It is so overwhelming to learn a lot about research and the current projects going on in the field of Science. It gives a good feel and encouragement to push myself further to next level in the field of research and development.

I feel this as a small step taken towards building my dream career. Its always good to experience things apart from regular academics!

~ Uthra

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