Masters Project

Time has flown by, and it is already almost the end of this amazing 2 years experience in Lund. For the last semester in the Industrial Design MA, we are supposed to develop our Master Project. It’s a bit similar to a master thesis, except it isn’t as strict when it comes to the written report (even though we are supposed to hand in a pretty developed one, obviously following the academic writing rules). We do however have to also develop a project – as it usually happens in Design. So not only researching and writing, but also coming up with (usually) an object, a graphic representation or a digital platform of sorts.

Since the focus is Product Design, most students tend to go towards developing an object. The semester is heavily focused on the master project, so we do not have any other classes to worry about. We also don’t have scheduled classes for the project, so we can develop it from wherever we would like. Some people choose to work with companies in other states, some don’t, some go to school everyday. It’s a choice. I personally prefer to work from home since I can concentrate better. However our classrooms are like a second home, where you have all your belongings and your own desk and lockers. So we don’t have to worry about finding a place to study.

The campus also offers a wide array of options for research. Most scholars are open to helping you out with your ongoing theme if it falls between their expertise area. So you are never truly alone or lacking support for your thesis!

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