Master thesis -what are the options ahead? and some basic tips..

Master thesis! What is the buzz all about?? Everybody says thesis very important as it is a great opportunity to begin our career. Especially in the field of life science, like biotechnology, it is definitely crucial to choose a thesis that can pave way for a candidate to get job in a company or acquire a PhD. Here are some points which might be of some help.

  • In general, for a biotech master student there can be two options of pursuing thesis.
    i) In a company
    ii) In an institute.
  • Either of the option can be possible in Sweden or abroad. The road lies clear for EU students as you guys need not worry about visa/permits etc. However, non-EU students should take care about the visa deadlines, requirement of permits in other countries.
  • There are several startups in Lund (medicon valley/ideon science park), Stockholm, and many other cities in Sweden. In a way, students aiming to obtain a job after masters usually prefer to do their master thesis in companies.
  • Institutes: many students find a professor within Lund University. Some have also done in other research institutes in Sweden and some, outside Sweden.
  • Funding outside Sweden: If you decide to do it abroad in a university/ company, there is an option that you could apply for Erasmus studies grant/ Erasmus traineeship grant. Non-EU students are also eligible for this as we would have been student of Lund University for a year by the time we apply.
  • When to apply? It is always good to start applications well ahead as it would make us stress free and we will have time to apply for more positions.
  • How? Usually, a good CV and a cover letter/ letter of motivation would be sufficient to start with. We could mail the concerned professors/ company officials about our interest.

Hope this helps to some of you who would be searching for opportunities next year. I am currently doing my master thesis at University of Copenhagen with Erasmus traineeship grant. It feels amazing to get a cross cultural experience in research. Good luck to my fellow master students.


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