Master thesis preparation

For the 2016-2018 batch in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, an initial information meeting on how to approach the degree project has been held. We have been informed about the different ways of conducting a project in cooperation with a company, local researchers or on our own.

It feels like the past year has passed so very fast. Our last lectures will come to an end in December and until then, a lot of planning for the thesis projects is to be done. In most cases, those degree projects are carried out together with a principal company and by two students – a concept that is new to me. The reasons are convincing: Working together in a team means supporting each other, having someone to exchange your thoughts with and results in a better working environment as well as research outcome. I am looking forward to it.

Is this kind of master thesis project very different from what you have expected? Are you interested in more specific information? Let me know by leaving a comment.

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