Lund Kulturnatten

Kulturnatten is a unique culture festival held in many cities and the Lund city festival (Kulturnatten i Lund) was on September 17 and 18th. The stages were put up in the main city squares and there were some great performance by famous bands. The amazing concerts, dance programs were so entertaining and I thoroughly enjoyed the Culture night. There were small dance packages by dance schools in Lund and I had an opportunity to dance Salsa, Tango 🙂 It was absolutely  relaxing after a tiresome week at school. There were also other events that were conducted by the folksuniversitetet and lunds kommun which were so welcoming and it was just rock n roll..!
Not to forget, the fireworks at Lund University main building and the Swedish coir performance were a visual treat and soul filling! Hope my friends enjoyed as much as I did 🙂


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