Lund ~ gearing up to welcome new students :D

August is here, and in two weeks the newbies would be arriving to Lund. It reminds of my first day here and I cannot believe that its almost an year since my arrival O.o I have signed up to be an international mentor and its so exciting as we would be conducting several fun activities and excursion for the newcomers. We are already gearing up to welcome freshers and can’t wait to get involved in all the wonderful activities.
Apart from such lovely moments, I remind myself that I am entering the second year of my masters.. which means I still have just another year to spend in Lund!! oh no.. lemme not think of it umm! Lets enjoy last few weeks of Summer!! 🙂 Cheerrsss..
But wait!! Lemme also not forget to tell that I am waiting for my friends to return from their vacation. CoMe BaCk SoOn GuYs! Lund is empty without you all.

~ Uthra

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